American Airlines Pilots Slam Their Airline, Call it ‘Embarrassing’

American Airlines PilotsTwo years after its merger with US Airways, American Airlines’ pilots’ union slammed the carrier for “clinging to their old ways” and fostering a “toxic culture” in a letter to CEO Doug Parker last week.

Dallas Morning News reports:

“Candidly, the new American Airlines product is outright embarrassing and we’re tired of apologizing to our passengers,” said the Friday letter signed by the Allied Pilots Association board of directors. “The often-repeated excuse that ‘we need more time’ won’t cut it.”

American executives can no longer rely on the excuse that they need more time to bring everything into order since the two companies merged in December 2013, the Allied Pilots Association board of directors said in a March 4 letter to Chief Executive Officer Doug Parker, reports Skift. Many of the airline’s middle managers are “misaligned” with Parker’s call at a recent leadership conference for better labor relations that will bring all employees in line with a push to make American the best airline, the letter said.

“The pilots of American Airlines will not remain silent as we witness the rebirth of the toxic culture we fought so hard to eradicate,” the APA letter said.

“The new American Airlines product is outright embarrassing and we’re tired of apologizing to our passengers,” it read. “We hear from many valuable corporate clients and premiere status passengers that the product is not what they’ve come to expect from American Airlines.”

Hassan Ali from Bidness Etc writes that the carrier must come to a agreement with the union to possibly avoid a strike:

American Airlines can expect to incur heavy losses in case the union decides to go on a strike, hence the issues should be resolved as soon as possible. With the aim to avoid similar circumstances, the airline reached a tentative agreement with its reservation agents, which was later approved by the International Brotherhood of Teamsters and Communications Workers of America, in December 2015.

In order to increase the pilots’ level of satisfaction, the airline must negotiate with the union, and reach an agreement. This will also have a positive impact on customer satisfaction, which can be further enhanced by the carrier offering improved services at competitive rates.