Airline Passenger in Altercation with Sheriff Known to be Trump Supporter


Sheriff David Clarke (Wikipedia)

David Clarke, the Milwaukee County Sheriff who has national attention for supporting Presidential candidate Donald Trump, got into a tussle with an inebriated airline passenger on a recent flight.

A spokesperson for the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department confirmed to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel they arrested Preston Bluntson because he heckled Clarke on a two-hour flight from Milwaukee to Charlotte.

An anonymous passenger detailed what occurred on the little aircraft Sept. 24 to the MJS.

“The guy was very abusive,” the passenger said. “Probably the last 20 minutes it really escalated and focused on Clarke.”

The passenger said 36-year-old Bluntson uttered a racial epithet continuously and accused Clarke of “closing our parks” and said the conservative sheriff is “not one of us.” Sheriff Clarke is widely known within the Black community as an advocate for Trump who pushes anti-Black policies.

“The sheriff left his seat…and told the man to ‘chill out.’…The man continued his obnoxious behavior and on approach to landing he got out of his seat,” the statement read. “While the plane taxied to the gate he began taunting the sheriff, asking him what he was going to do about it.

“Clarke ordered him to sit down and when he refused. Clarke shoved the unruly passenger face down and pinned him against the seat and held him there until the flight arrived at the gate.”

After landing in North Carolina, Bluntson was detained by several expecting policemen and charged him with intoxicated and disruptive behaviour. After he remained in detention for a day.

Authorities released Bluntson on bond Sept. 25.