Girl ‘Drunk Facebooks’ Gatwick Airport

drunk-girl-gatwickMany of us have done the dreaded ‘drunk texting’ after a night out drinking. You know, the booze makes us lose our inhibitions and we decide we’re going to (many times) unload of someone.

Well, a girl decided to ‘drunk text’ London’s Gatwick Airport, except it was a Facebook message.

Eh! Same difference:

Sliding into Gatwick Airport’s Facebook messages, Annie wrote: ‘Hey xx everything okay xx’.

And despite her concern, Gatwick Airport didn’t even read Annie’s message – now that’s some tough rejection.

But though they may not have read it, over 40,000 others have, after Annie posted a screenshot of the (one-sided) drunk conversation to Twitter.

She wrote: ‘Most people drunk text their ex or someone they fancy…. Not me…. What the actual f*ck was going through my drunken mind.’

It’s ok Annie. Just don’t text my ex-wife. 🙂