Angola Airlines Flight Diverts After Crew Worker Passes Out in Cargo Hold

taag-angola-airlinesA passenger plane travelling from Portugal to Angola was forced to divert after a ground worker loading cargo onto the aircraft was discovered missing.

The flight, operated by TAAG Angola Airlines, was scheduled to travel from Porto to Luanda on Saturday.

It was already en-route when the crew were informed of the possibility that the member of staff was trapped in the cargo hold and was forced to make a ‘rapid descent’ into Lisbon.

Flight DT-655, which left Porto at 10.14am local time, was approximately 60 nautical miles (69 miles) south east of Lisbon when crew were informed about the missing ground worker.

The unidentified member of staff was reportedly last seen handling cargo on the aircraft and was presumed to be trapped in the cargo hold according to the Aviation Herald.

TAAG pilots decided to divert the flight to Lisbon where, after a rapid descent, the aircraft landed 18 minutes later.

The ground worker was reportedly found in the cargo hold and suffering from hypothermia.

He was taken to hospital and said to be recovering from the incident.

Source: Dailymail