Thomas Cook Airbus Jet in Wild Attempted Crosswind Landing at Birmingham Airport [VIDEO]

thomas-cook-a321Passengers on a Thomas Cook passenger jet got a bit of a hair-raising ride coming in to Birmingham Airport when the pilot was forced to abort the landing due to heavy crosswinds.

In the video below, the Airbus A321 is coming in to land, but the crosswind across the runway makes it impossible, and the pilot is forced to take back off, circle the runway and try again.

The video, shot by Youtuber Flug Snug, is shot from a position near the runway and shows the underside of the plane as it comes in to land.

As the plane gets closer to the runway, the aircraft is clearly not lined up for a straight landing.

The pilot desperately pulls the plane back and hovers over the runway for a few seconds before the plane reascends to try for a second landing.

Once he has circulated, the pilot descends again, heading toward the runway in a much more comfortable looking approach.

The conditions are not quite perfect though, and the pilot and passengers experience a bumpy landing the second time around.

Posting the video online, Flug Snug wrote: ‘When conditions are less than ideal, the particular distribution of buildings and earth mounds etc around BHX [Birmingham Airport] usually claims the odd victim, as the unpredictable wind currents and eddies suddenly catch the unfortunate plane.

Source: Dailymail