Chaos at Stansted: 5,000 Passengers Backed Up at Passport Control

stansted– 40 Flights Land Within 2 Hours of Each Other

– Tempers Flare as More Than 5,000 Flyers Wait to be Processed

Passengers arriving at London Stansted Airport late last night faced chaotic scenes as an estimated 5,000 people queued to get through passport control.

Irate passengers described ‘joke scenes’ and ‘shocking long queues’, while another tweeted the airport to say: ‘Third world countries are quicker than you lot.’

Airport officials said late on Monday night is one of the busiest arrival times of the week as people come home from long weekends on low-cost airlines.

More than 40 flights landed between 10pm and midnight last night, although the airport insisted this was a normal level of arrivals for the time of the week.

Some passengers suggested Home Secretary Amber Rudd should use her speech today at the Conservative party conference to apologise for the chaos.

One witness, who spent 40 minutes waiting in line last night, compared the queueing to that which would be seen for Ikea sales or at a big sports event.

He told MailOnline: ‘You ask the staff and they say it’s normal – “all the passengers want cheap flights and they come at night time”.

’We didn’t have much of a choice. I just got the impression that there was nothing abnormal. Most of the border posts seemed to be opened.

‘There was the usual palaver at the e-passport (gates). The shocking thing was it just seemed to be normal.

‘Most people weren’t complaining because they knew if they were they would have their duty free checked. It seems very badly organised.

The Government department has been asked to comment. Stansted, which opened in 1991 and handles 17.5million passengers a year, is Britain’s fourth busiest airport.

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Twitter Photo Credit:  John Hessing