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Chaos at Stansted: 5,000 Passengers Backed Up at Passport Control

By Kenneth Holland / October 4, 2016

– 40 Flights Land Within 2 Hours of Each Other – Tempers Flare as More Than 5,000 Flyers Wait to be Processed Passengers arriving at London Stansted Airport late last night faced chaotic scenes as an estimated 5,000 people queued to get through passport control. Irate passengers described ‘joke scenes’ and ‘shocking long queues’, while […]


Girl ‘Drunk Facebooks’ Gatwick Airport

By Kenneth Holland / September 30, 2016

Many of us have done the dreaded ‘drunk texting’ after a night out drinking. You know, the booze makes us lose our inhibitions and we decide we’re going to (many times) unload of someone. Well, a girl decided to ‘drunk text’ London’s Gatwick Airport, except it was a Facebook message. Eh! Same difference: Sliding into […]


Unauthorized Drone Closes Dubai Airport Airspace

By Kenneth Holland / September 28, 2016

Unauthorized drone action seen near Dubai International caused the air space around the chaotic airport to be shut down on Wednesday for almost 30 minutes, causing flight delays, an airport official said. ÔÇťAirspace around Dubai International was closed from 0808 hrs to 0835 hrs this morning due to unauthorised drone activity resulting in a number […]