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February 23, 2022

Airline Mask Mandate Set to Expire on March 18th

The federal mandate that requires people to wear masks in airports and on flights is set to expire on March 18.

Airline attendants are concerned that lifting the mask mandate will endanger the most vulnerable passengers and are urging the Biden administration to extend the mask mandate.

For context, the federal government created the mask mandate in January 2021. It was set to expire in May 2021, but has been extended twice since. The federal ruling makes it illegal for anyone to go maskless through the airline transportation system and gives the T.S.A. the authority to impose fines on people who refuse to comply.

Sure, individual airlines can set their own rules about these things if the government chooses to let the rule expire — but that puts those airlines in the position of making a very politically charged decision.


Travelers could be paying more for their airfares this summer due to the rising price of jet fuel, according to aviation industry experts.

Global domestic fares are set to increase by 6% on average each month until August, Linus Benjamin Bauer, founder and managing director of consultancy firm Bauer Aviation Advisory, told Insider.

International fares will jump 4% on average every month over the same period, Bauer said.

"The rise of jet fuel prices is becoming another major headache to the aviation industry during the post-pandemic recovery process this year," he said.


The Cayman Islands has eased some of its on-island Covid restrictions, 

That includes an increase in gathering limits to 500 people indoors and 1,000 people outdoors. 

Fully vaccinated travelers no longer have to do on-island testing on days 2, 5 and 7. 

And fully vaccinated travelers no longer have to test prior to traveling to either Cayman Brac or Little Cayman. 

The Cayman Islands is in Phase 5 of the border reopening plan. During this phase, children age 11 and under now take the vaccination status of their accompanying adults and can travel to the Cayman Islands and fully vaccinated travellers (adults and children), depending on their country of origin, can enter without quarantine and are not required to undergo on-island testing.


"As the nation transitions to a “new normal” of managing the virus and as the airline industry gears up to accommodate the influx of passengers, it’s critical that we have all the tools available to mitigate in-flight misconduct.

That is why I have proposed that any person convicted of a crime because of an onboard disruption be added to a national, comprehensive “no-fly” list of unruly passengers.

Like other airlines, Delta maintains its own no-fly list for anyone who disrupts onboard safety or refuses to comply with crew instructions. But unfortunately, we’ve seen cases in which unruly passengers have simply switched airlines and continued to fly even after endangering flight safety. While each airline can take initiative and do its part, only a comprehensive list overseen by the federal government can close the loopholes and prevent disrupters from flying."

Delta Air Lines

Nearly 950 flights at Dallas Fort-Worth Airport have been canceled, joined by 332 delays, Wednesday afternoon ahead of a North Texas winter storm which is expected to not only bring subfreezing temperatures, but freezing rain and sleet within the next 48 hours.

According to FlightAware, which tracks flight delays and cancellations, about 50%, or 511 flights, into DFW have been canceled, joining nearly 437 canceled flights (43%) that were expected to depart out of the airport Wednesday.

An alert on the FlightAware website says all inbound flights to DFW will be held at their origin until 2:15 p.m. Wednesday and that delays are averaging more than an hour.


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