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February 22, 2022

For the vast majority of travelers, stepping foot on an airplane entails a tremendous act of near-blind faith. We control our own cars, trains operate on set tracks at ground level, but flying requires us to put total trust in the expertise of a complete stranger to operate a machine too complex for us to understand.

Every time these gargantuan hunks of metal don’t plummet screaming from the sky towards a certain fiery doom, it feels like a miracle, even if that’s how the majority of flights play out.

Rory Kennedy’s damning new documentary Downfall: The Case Against Boeing takes a close look at two incidents included within the small number of flights when things go wrong, and shows us the tragedy that strikes when that sacred compact between passenger and airline is violated.


Air Canada has announced an expansion of its North American network for Summer 2022 as the carrier's recovery from COVID accelerates. With the launch of new service on four transborder and three domestic routes, as well as the restoration of 41 North American routes, Air Canada will operate to 51 Canadian and 46 U.S airports this summer and offer customers the largest network and most travel options of any Canadian carrier.

New services will be launching to the U.S. from Montreal to Atlanta and Detroit, Toronto to Salt Lake City, and Vancouver to Austin. Within Canada, three new routes will begin between Montreal and Gander, Calgary and Fort St John, and Vancouver and Halifax. 

Nice to see more expansion - SGF


Analysts from the UK’s Institute of Economic Affairs think-tank have argued that governments could have helped contain the pandemic by allowing a “natural collapse” of the airline industry, rather than permitting huge bail-outs.


Whether you’re looking for time on the beach or a stroll down a seaside boardwalk, Puerto Vallarta could be the perfect getaway. Better yet, with cheap flights to Puerto Vallarta, a much-needed vacation could be closer than you think.

This week, flight deal website Thrifty Traveler alerted its Premium members to cheap flights to Puerto Vallarta (PVR) from gateways all around the US. The cheapest round-trip flights we’re seeing are from Los Angeles (LAX) for just over $200.


Expedia Study Warns the "Workcation" isn't a Cure for Vacation Deprivation

Expedia released its annual Vacation Deprivation study, finding that Americans took six fewer vacation days (less than 12 days) than the global average in 2021, leaving the majority feeling vacation deprived (59%) and more burned out than ever (72%).

Surveying more than 14,500 working adults across 16 countries, the 2022 report also sheds light on the uncomfortable reality that pandemic-era flexible work arrangements can make it more difficult to unplug (54%), blurring the boundaries between time on and off the clock.


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