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March 6, 2022

Aeroflot suspends all international flights, except to Belarus

The Russian airline Aeroflot announced on Saturday 5 March the suspension of its international flights from 8 March, after Russia was hit hard by Western sanctions in connection with Ukraine.

The decision, which will take effect at midnight (21:00 GMT Monday), is due to new “circumstances hampering the operation of flights“, the company said in a statement, adding that domestic routes and connections with Belarus, one of the rare countries supporting the Russian invasion of Ukraine, would be maintained. Aeroflot’s subsidiaries Aurora and Rossiya will also stop flying abroad.

The Russian aviation agency Rossaviatsia indicated that it had “recommended” to the Russian companies operating rental planes registered outside the country to stop flights abroad in order to avoid the seizure of the aircraft. Flights to foreign countries must cease at 21:00 GMT on Saturday, and those from abroad on Monday at 21:00 GMT, specifies Rossaviatsia.


Editorial: Unruly airline passengers are a problem. But a government no-fly list is not the solution

The flight from Chicago to Connecticut isn’t long, but it must have seemed like forever for the flight attendants stuck on board with a passenger who got belligerent when told no alcohol was available.

Even after they allowed him to inspect the beverage cart for confirmation, he continued to remove his face mask and berate the crew. In November, the Federal Aviation Administration fined this man $9,000 for his disruptive behavior. United could decide to ban him from ever flying on the airline again.

Case closed? Not if the government takes the bait being dangled by some airline executives and employees who want a new national “no-fly list” for travelers guilty of crossing them in the skies.

Led by Delta Air Lines Chief Executive Ed Bastian, a lobbying effort is underway for a “comprehensive list” of individuals whom the U.S. would ban from air travel, potentially forever.


Russia bans some foreign flights to shield aircraft from seizure

Russia will halt some international flights to keep rented planes out of the hands of foreign owners trying to take them back.

The order takes effect starting Sunday (March 6) and applies to airlines that have leased planes from foreign owners, the country's aviation regulator said on Saturday in a statement.

It cited "the high risk of Russian airlines' planes being held or seized abroad".


The Best Time to Use Your Airline Miles? Now

Frances Meredith of Raleigh, NC used a branded American Airlines credit card for everything from groceries to medical expenses during the pandemic, piling up points with nowhere to spend them. That meant she had plenty to redeem when her family of four decided it was time for a winter getaway to Miami. Although the seats were pricey at 50,000 points each, Dr. Meredith, an internist, was excited to save money by using her rewards balance. “It was easy. There were lots of seats,” she said.

As travelers return to the skies, many, like Dr. Meredith, have amassed larger than usual totals in airline and credit card rewards programs. And they are starting to spend them.

United Airlines’ Mileage Plus program has had multiple record-breaking days over the past few weeks as customers have flocked to redeem miles, said Michael Covey, the managing director of the United program. “The demand is hitting the books in ways we’ve never seen before,” he said.


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