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March 16, 2022

Massachusetts JetBlue passengers left waiting on plane after airport crew leaves for night

A Massachusetts woman was one of the dozens of JetBlue passengers who spent time sitting on an idle plane on the tarmac at Worcester Airport Monday night after staff left for the night.

The Auburn woman traveled to New York City on business this weekend and said she experienced several issues with her JetBlue flights both to and from Worcester.

She said the problems appeared to stem from a lack of airline staffing.

Flight records obtained via Flightaware show JetBlue Flight 676 left New York's JFK Airport about 35 minutes later than normal for the short 150-mile journey to Worcester Regional Airport.


Book Summer Flights Now, Before Jet Fuel Costs Climb and Surcharges Appear

With fuel prices around the world skyrocketing, it’s only a matter of time before the cost of airfare follows suit, a Frommer’s report this week posited. “The widespread arrival of fuel charges for travel in 2022 seems imminent,” it predicted.

The outlet advised consumers to buy their airline tickets for their summer trips as soon as possible or risk facing inflated fare prices as the season approaches. Some of this assumption was based on news that the Thai Airlines Association, which represents seven Southeast Asian airlines, asked government regulators for authorization to add fuel surcharges to the cost of domestic flights within Thailand. Private aviation company Wheels Up also announced that it will begin adding fuel surcharges on April 9, due to the rising cost of fuel.

Frommer’s argued that this is bound to be the start of an industry-wide trend, as the gas prices continue hitting record highs on a near-daily basis due to the Russian war on Ukraine’s disruption of global crude oil supplies. And, with the future so uncertain, would-be travelers would be wise to book air travel now before costs soar even higher.


Australia, Netherlands File Lawsuit Against Russia for MH17 Disaster

Australia and the Netherlands have launched legal proceedings against Russia at the UN aviation agency for its suspected role in the downing of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 over Ukraine in 2014.

The joint action, announced by the Australian government late Monday, is being taken at the International Civil Aviation Organization and comes in addition to a Dutch criminal trial of three Russians and a Ukrainian accused of murder over their alleged involvement in the crash, which killed all 298 civilians on board.

The civilians included 38 citizens from Australia and 196 from the Netherlands, which believe that the Boeing 777 flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur in July 2014 was shot down by a Russian surface-to-air missile over rebel-held eastern Ukraine.

Russia, which is now invading Ukraine, has repeatedly denied any involvement in the downing. In October 2020, it unilaterally withdrew from negotiations with Australia and the Netherlands on the issue.


British Airways Reverses Course on Face Mask Requirements

One day after British Airways announced they would no longer require passengers to wear face coverings on certain flights, the flag carrier will once again make them mandatory.

With more passengers getting vaccinated against the virus causing COVID-19, international airlines are slowly starting to drop face mask requirements.

However, British Airways is walking back their stance on coverings, without so much as an explanation to the public. On the FlyerTalk forums, insiders from the company say they the plans to drop masks has been put on hold indefinitely.


Spirit Airlines to launch new nonstop service to 3 western cities

Las Vegas airport’s second-busiest carrier, Spirit Airlines, is about to get even busier with the addition of several new routes serving Southern Nevada.

The airline announced Wednesday that new routes to Reno; Albuquerque, New Mexico; and Boise, Idaho, would launch in August.

John Kirby, Spirit vice president of network planning, said the new routes are a key moment in further connecting other western cities to Harry Reid International Airport as the airline celebrates its 20th year in Las Vegas.

“Announcing three new markets is an exciting milestone for Spirit Airlines and our guests as we deliver more high-value options for travel between the bright lights of Vegas and the huge variety of beautiful places to visit in New Mexico, Idaho and Northern Nevada,” Kirby said.


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