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March 2, 2022

United is cutting 17 routes and leaving one US city entirely — see the full list

United Airlines is cutting over a dozen regional routes from its network as demand in small markets continues to feel the impact of the pandemic.

On Monday, Chicago-based United revealed it is cutting 17 routes to small airports, including leaving Alexandria, Louisiana, entirely. The news was first reported by The Points Guy and later confirmed to Insider.

"United makes regular adjustments to its schedule in response to market demand and staffing resources to ensure we can best serve our customers," the airline told Insider in a statement.

The move comes as airlines struggle to find and maintain profitable regional routes, despite a strong rebound in air travel. Specifically, United is dropping routes from its major hubs in Denver, Newark, Chicago, Houston, and Washington, DC, though it will continue to serve 16 of the 17 airports from other cities. Here's the full list:


Boeing Ends Support for Russian Airlines

Boeing Co. said Tuesday that it has suspended parts and maintenance support for Russian airlines as well as its operations in Moscow, further restricting the nation's ties and adding further barriers to its carriers’ ability to fly.

European Union sanctions recently barred parts for Airbus SE and other aircraft being exported to Russia, alongside a ban of Russian carriers from EU airspace.

Boeing’s move adds to the challenges for Russian airlines to continue operating a fleet of more than 700 Western-built aircraft.


Qatar tells UK judge it wants Airbus A321 jets or damages over botched paint job

Qatar Airways has asked a UK court to reinstate an order for 50 Airbus A321neo passenger jets that the European planemaker revoked as part of a bitter dispute over the partial grounding of larger A350s, a court filing showed on Friday, reported Reuters.

Failing that, the Gulf carrier is asking a UK judge to award the airline unquantified damages over the planemaker's decision to withdraw what it described as a "unique" plane as it prepares to receive the 220-seat A321neo from February next year.

Airbus declined comment on the filing.


Virgin Australia Continues Push to Hire Hundreds of Staff

Virgin Australia is continuing its push to hire hundreds of new staff, as the Omicron squeeze reaches its end.

According to Virgin Australia CEO Jayne Hrdlicka, the airline is currently on the hunt for cabin crew, ground services workers, engineers, pilots and corporate staff.

Virgin announced back in November that it would begin recruiting for “hundreds of new roles”, amid welcoming an additional seven Boeing 737s to its fleet.


American Airlines extends complimentary upgrade to more flyers

Starting March 2, American Airlines will extend complimentary upgrade eligibility to include all North American flights for AAdvantage members with Platinum and Gold status.

The shift will be a significant one, as Platinum and Gold members currently must use 500-mile upgrade stickers for upgrades on flights longer than 500 miles, with one sticker required for every additional 500 miles of flight length. Upgrade stickers typically cost $40.

Under the revised system, American will automatically make upgrade requests for Platinum and Gold members on those longer North American flights, just as it does with for AAdvantage Concierge Key, Executive Platinum and Platinum Pro members.


I’m a health expert and here are four ways to sleep better during a long flight

Trying to sleep on a long haul flight can feel like an impossible task.

However, many experts have shared their top tips over the years on how to make it much easier to get some shut eye.

There is nothing worse than finally nodding off, only to be woken up by flight crew.

Thats because, if there is turbulence, they need to check all passengers are wearing their seatbelt.

April explained: "How you buckle your seatbelt is important for any chance of a good night’s undisturbed sleep in the sky.


Why airlines are going overboard to win your loyalty

Delta Air Lines is joining the "buy now, pay later" craze, a new wrinkle in a wave of airline marketing schemes designed to lock in customer loyalty ahead of what experts say could be the busiest travel season ever.

Virgin Atlantic Is Bringing Back Its Full U.S. Flight Roster — Here's Where It's Flying

Virgin Atlantic is reinstating its pre-pandemic service across the United States, including adding flights as well as expanding popular routes across the country.

AirAsia: Passenger Demand In Southeast Asia Rebounding

Malaysia-based LCC operator AirAsia Aviation Group saw an encouraging uptick in passenger demand in the 2021 fourth quarter, and the carrier expects this trend to continue in early 2022 as more of its key markets reopen.

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