DJ Soda, Profane Pants, and AA’s Tone-Deaf Behavior?

May 2, 2022

In the latest installment of bad fashion decisions that can (and did) get you booted from your flight (at least temporarily), South Korean personality DJ Soda was asked to get off an American Airlines flight from New York to Los Angeles when the crew told her the writing on her pants was offensive.

I've embedded a short Twitter clip below (as I don't have an image I can use with permission) that shows DJ Soda apparently discussing the matter at the gate.

Her pants have various forms of 'F-you' that can clearly be seen all over.

Yes, This is Offensive in Case Anyone is Wondering, However...

DJ Soda then recounted that she was 'harassed' by American Airlines and 'forced' to change her pants in front of the crew.

I have to be honest, it would not surprise me if a crew did this to a passenger on a flight (I've seen people treated worse).

I don't know if the validity of DJ Soda's accusations are accurate. If they are 'way to go AA'. (Emphasis: Disgust)

The other side: Don't wear pants with 'F-You' on them and think you won't possibly get hassled.

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