FAA to Meet With U.S. Airlines Over Florida Delays, Cancellations While Ignoring the Obvious

May 1, 2022

The FAA is going to meet with U.S. Airlines (American and JetBlue) over the epidemic of Florida flight delays and cancellations in Orlando, Miami, Tampa etc... and show them what experts they are. 

This ain't gonna do jack. 

Don't get me wrong...the FAA as well as the carriers are actually doing the best they can in this particular mess as opposed to when they don't which is most the time.


Considering that there's been a lot of bad weather in Florida the past few months (well, it IS a swamp) and everybody and their rich Mother has decided they want to play astronaut at Cape Canaveral and launch a crap-ton of rockets it's not surprising that the commercial flight situation at these airports is in a constant state of delays and cancellations.

American, JetBlue and the rest of them know what the real issue is...

But there is an elephant in the room I suspect will not get addressed in this confab: 

Nobody wants to work.

We've all seen it by now across the country...businesses everywhere cannot find help. 

The airlines are suffering the same problem. Until that's solved, doing a sun dance and telling Elon to pause Battlestar Galactica isn't going to make any difference.

Watch the video...

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