Santorini: where nymphomaniacs perform miracles…

May 4, 2022

Did you know that Santorini Island was formed by a miracle?

It's true. That is if you believe Greek Gods with poor judgement.

Enter Euphemus...he was an Argonaut hunter and the son of Poseidon. Poseidon granted him the power to walk on water and, apparently...he was good with the ladies as well...

Lore has it that the Greeks created an imaginary story whereby Euphemus was dreaming he was making love to a nymph...but not an ordinary nymph (you know, the ones hanging out in baggage claim with a cigarette)...

No, this gal was the daughter of Triton, a Greek God of the sea, who was the son of Poseidon. So 'Euphy' was making inroads with his niece and knocked her up. (...I'm just the messenger...)

So when the nymph told Euphemus 'hey, I'm having this kid so get ready to buy a Minivan honey', he had to hatch a plan and hide. The story goes that nymphy gave him a 'clod of earth' which he threw in to the sea and from that ball 'o dirt Santorini Island was created.

(No wonder there's so much debauchery and romance there...)

This story is so crazy it reminds me of the last 2 plus years: pandemics, masks....entire airports shutting down, economic turmoil, Tom Brady retiring...scary end of the world stuff.

But now there is a light on the horizon. Countries are opening back up for travel. Tom Brady has decided to come back. Heck, Spirit Airlines is going to get acquired and rumor has it they'll let you bring your jacket on board without a fee...

Butt, once 'cheap to practically free' airfares during the shutdown are long gone and the airlines are back to their greedy, grubby shell-game shenanigans.

This is where we come in.

There are Flights Deals from LAX, DFW, JFK to Santorini...You Just Have to Know Where to Look

We scour the interwebs with our own little greedy paws but instead of making some cigar chomping airline exec even richer we put more fat benjamins in your pocket.

Like this insane deal guessed it: Santorini.

Now, if you don't see it, don't come cryin'. It just means you didn't give this a gander when this was posted. Great airfare deals last about as long as Oprah on a diet. 

(NOTE: the page IS constantly updated with deals so keep checking)

But fret not my young and hopelessly good-looking frequent flyer. There are not only more deals coming your way if you jump on our SGF Email Insiders group, but we are about to launch an exclusive membership for even cheaper deals....

More on that soon.

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