Airlines in UK Told to Cancel Flights ‘Early’…Not Screw Passengers on Travel Day

June 20, 2022

UK Regulators are telling airlines if they have to cancel a flight then cancel it in advance instead of springing it on passengers after they've arrived at the airport

It has become the common occurrence at airports...basically all over the world: Travelers arrive at the airport, pass through security, only to find last minute that their flight has been cancelled.

"Why is My Flight Cancelled?" you ask?

Well the answer is simple:

'Operational Issues'

Huh? What the hell is that?

The airlines will tell you it's 'staffing issues'. Not enough employees to handle the load. Yes, oftentimes it is exactly that.

Other times...not so much.

UK Civil Aviation Authorities Tell the Airlines: Stop Screwing the Passengers at the Airport!

The UK government has told the airlines that if they must cancel flights they better start doing it in advance...for obvious reasons: Give the flyers chance to make alternate plans instead of stranding them at the airport because an airline decided they better obey their aviation computer algorithm.

"Aviation Computer Algorithm? What's That?"

Glad you asked. It's not exactly AI (artificial intelligence), or some super-computer...but rather a formula of sorts carriers use to determine if they should scrap a flight. Things like capacity (how many seats are filled), how much their fuel spend is on a given day...vs how much revenue a flight is going (or not going) to make.

Cute little items like this.

And they've been doing it for years.

Forget Just Making Your Flight (Only to See It Axed)...Tons of People Can't Even Get Through Airport Security

Add on top of this mess is airport security lines going down the block at many airports. Again, not all of this in on the carriers...but a good portion of it is. 

Airlines Can't Get Enough Workers...Maybe They Shouldn't Have Fired Them to Begin With

See, after the big 'P' was in full swing and everything had a 'closed' sign hanging from it, airlines booted thousands of employees, or threatened to. Governments stepped and handed them BILLIONS to stay in business and keep their staff.

But only to a certain point.

Once the deadlines to keep workers hit...many of the carriers either outright fired them or offered them early retirement buyouts.

Thousands took the buyouts, 'by the by'.

Buyouts = 'I'm retired'.

This is Not All on the Airlines, Except for This One Thing

The airlines did not ask for a pandemic...and many of them needed a bailout (or else they would fail).

(And stop with the 'let them fail' baloney. YOU ride a bike from Phoenix to Orlando...and get back to me and tell me how it was....)

But here's the thing: for the airlines to give the 'middle digit' to would-be flyers waiting at the airport is inexcusable and just mean. Actually, they should incur heavy fines for doing it.

To the airlines: STOP selling a shitload of flights you have zero intention of flying.

Most of you (airlines) already have a crappy reputation...and now you're just making it worse.

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