Canada Lifts Vaccine Mandates (Trudeau Cries), Choice Buying Radisson for $675 Million, News Blips…

June 14, 2022

Canada Vaccine Mandates - Justin Trudeau

Canada has finally relented to the pressure of its people and even experts and lifted their vaccine mandates...but not totally...

This means as of June 20th unvaccinated Canadians will be able to fly domestically and internationally without having to show any proof of vaccination and in airports (more in a moment).

Canadian conservatives have been pressuring Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to lift the mandates. Even some members of the liberal party have been critical of Trudeau's thirst to ostracize those who choose not to get vaccinated.

Incoming Travelers/Foreigners Will Still Need to Prove They've Been Vaccinated to Enter Canada

Foreign travelers entering the (currently) Nutty Dictator state will still need to show proof of vaccination and that they're a fan of the band Rush.

Ok...the 'Rush' part may or may not be true...but as for the's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's hope and dream that he will continue to exact control and 'dictatoredness' upon his people.

According to Politico, Dominic LeBlanc, who is the Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs, Infrastructure and Communities (that's quite the title!) says they reserve the right to bring back the mandates to protect Canadians, as well as restrict the drinking of Molson Canadian Beer if it looks like the people are having too much fun.

Again, we are trying to get confirmation on this last item...we'll get back to you on that...

Choice Hotels Buying Radisson's U.S. Hotels for $675 Million

Choice Hotels, one of the largest hotel chains in the world, whose properties include The Quality Inn, Clarion, Cambria Hotels and even Econo Lodge (!), will buy Radisson's U.S. hotel properties for a reported $675 million.

This amounts to 624 hotels that cover the United States, Canada and Latin America.

Why Do You Think Radisson Spun Off its North American Hotels?

I have no idea...but it's interesting to note that a portion of Radisson Hotel Group is owned by the Chinese-backed Jin Jiang International travel holdings.

The U.S. had previously pushed for an overhaul of Radisson that operated in the U.S. due to privacy and data practices...aka...they did not want China accessing user data in the U.S.

From Around the Tarmac & Lobby...

On the Canada front, Ontario International Airport is reporting record passenger traffic...their busiest month since 2016, in May. I'm kidding on Canada...ONT is in hometown!! Woot!

Spirit Airlines issued an update today confirming they are still dating 2 people: Frontier Airlines and the much wealthier JetBlue, who drives a Ferrari and dyes his hair to look younger. 

'View', a company that builds a product called 'smart glass', announced they have installed the glass in parts of Terminal C at Dallas Ft. Worth International Airport. View says the glass is 15 degrees cooler than normal glass, 'enabling passengers to spend more time and money at restaurants, bars, and shops within the airport'. I'm also thinking bars are helping people spend more money too...

[Photo by Joy Real (unsplash) - Used with Permission]

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