China’s Travel Ban: A Lesson in Draconian Rule, Not Health

June 9, 2022

Shanghai China

'No oppression is so heavy or lasting as that which is inflicted by the perversion and exorbitance of legal authority.'

The Chinese government show no limits in their thirst of draconian authority and oppression as they have now forbidden travel outside of their country.

They released a statement (last month but still holds true) which forbids Chinese citizens from leaving the country for "non-essential" reasons in their efforts to reduce the spread of Covid.

This is no longer about Covid...and it never was.

Oh, sure there is a strong desire to control the pandemic through the separation and lockdown of its we have all seen various (and disgusting) examples of this the past few years.

But for China, it's a means to an excuse...and an all too easy tactic to instill...
fear and compliance.

This is how China has operated pretty much through its whole history...but this takes on a whole new meaning when it comes to oppression. IS the Chinese! They Have Always Been Oppressive...

Chinese history is long and varied. But has 'mostly' been governed by dictatorial rule. But, here's my take going forward: The Chinese people will eventually tire of being controlled...and they will want more freedom. I don't know when this might happen but I think it WILL.

The reason? There's too much freedom wafting over the world. Munch has been written or at least implied that technology will make it easier for regimes to control its people. I believe the opposite.

Technology will (and is...and HAS) empower people from all over the world through connection and we're seeing now. Whether or not you like it is beside the point. It is here (in whatever form it morphs in to) and is here to stay.

History Reminds Us Freedom Can be Had...and Must

Keep in of the most glaring examples of oppression...the multi-century enslavement and racism of blacks in America.

Some will say nothing has changed in that respect...but that would be wrong. Their historical movement to be free, equal and not willing to compromise is one of the all-time triumphs of basic equality and human dignity ever recorded (even as they face daunting, ongoing challenges).

NOTE: Don't forget the Chinese oppression in America (so easily forgotten by the way).

A Travel Ban is a Freedom Ban

None of this is to stoke any political discord, debate and/or argument. Because, to do that would be missing the point of this entirely.

The history of the human race is rife with examples of segments of people rising up and taking their freedom. Pushing back against the oppression and control of the governments that seek to quash the spirit of what it means to be free.

So much of the world does not have these challenges. We are able to move about freely...and with adventure and joy. That's why travel IS so important.

It frees the soul...because the soul demands to be free.

We are all part of this journey.

And we must make it out priority to help those who are prevented from getting on board.

Photo Credit: Nuno Alberto (used with permission)

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