JetBlue Wants Spirit Bad…Offers a Two Week Romantic Vacation and No Prenup!

June 23, 2022

So maybe my claims of vacations and divorce settlements with JetBlue and Spirit Airlines are a bit exaggerated. But JetBlue apparently really badly wants to acquire Spirit, and is even willing to let them have their own bedroom if they will just move in!

If you'll recall, Frontier announced back in April they were making an acquisition offer (in the 2 billion range) to Spirit and it felt like it was just a matter of cleaning the house before Spirit would then shack up.

But then JetBlue got in to the mix and made their own offer of $3.6 billion...a substantially larger offer than Frontier.

Posturing and press releases followed by all three airlines...Frontier saying the merger would lead to lower fares for all...JetBlue saying their planes are much nicer looking and 'just get in the car honey and let's talk about this'.

Spirit is Afraid of the Feds Crying 'Monopoly!!' if it Says 'Yes' to JetBlue

Spirit would love to get a few billion more (who wouldn't?), but they are afraid the Feds will ultimately stop the JetBlue deal claiming JetBlue would have a monopoly.

Remember, the Department of Justice is already suing JetBlue (and American) for their Northeast Alliance deal that was put together in the fall of last year, claiming...a Monopoly.

JetBlue's New Offer Includes Getting Rid of Gates and Slots

In the latest offer, JetBlue is telling regulators that they will 'divest' gates and slots at Northeast-area airports in order to win approval...although they are not giving up their alliance with American.

JetBlue is even offering Spirit $350 Million if the deal falls through (due to regulatory action).

Spirit says they will decide by the end of June. There is a lot at stake here: If JetBlue wins this, they march well on their way to joining the 'Big 4' U.S. carriers and making it 'The Big 5'.

From Around the Tarmac & Lobby...

Sun Country Airlines is joining a growing chorus of companies (not just in travel) that is offering a payment plan when travelers buy airline and travel packages. They are doing this through a firm called Uplift.

American Airlines has launched a new facial recognition feature called Mobile ID that is connected with TSA Precheck and will expedite flyers through the airport.

Phoenix Mesa Gateway Airport will mark its best year for passenger traffic ever at its current pace with over 1.6 million flyers coming through the airport in the past 12 months.

Swoop has launched new routes between Ottawa and Winnipeg and Ottawa and Halifax last Sunday. Winnipeg will get 4 flights weekly and Halifax will be daily service.

Qantas appears to have deeply damaged its reputation with long-time customers as the carrier moves more to a 'budget' structure in order to remain profitable.

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