United Airlines to Axe 50 Daily Flights at Newark…About Time a Carrier Stepped Up!

June 24, 2022

United Airlines says they will cut 50 daily flights at Newark Liberty International Airport in an effort to alleviate the airport passenger gridlock that has been plaguing not only UA but many airports and airlines around the world.

According to The Points Guy, this will 'only' affect domestic flights and flights that have 'multiple frequencies'...meaning no cities will be cut out entirely...just the amount of times they fly there.

This is pretty damn significant for United. Newark is one of carriers' main hubs and its New York area hub.

This is a good move by UA...so credit should be given. The alternative is to stick with what's been happening...ie: strand travelers at the airport by cancelling flights last minute.

Most of the Cancellations/Delay are Due to a Shortage of Workers

As most are aware of by now, the airlines and many airports are struggling to find enough workers to keep up with the post-pandemic demand. It must be pointed out though...many of these same airlines and airports fired and-or laid off thousands of workers, and many of them have chosen not to come back.

From Around the Tarmac & Lobby...

In the wake of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Russia's commercial aviation sector is facing a very serious problem: Their airliners cannot get the parts they need to keep the planes in sky...safely.

Oman Air announced they will join the Oneworld Alliance starting in 2024 with help from Qatar Airways in the form as a 'sponsor' in to the network. It is thought this will offer many opportunities for growth for the carrier.

Emirates has announced they will step up their flight frequency from Dubai to Mexico City - MEX (through Barcelona - BCN) to daily flights starting today.

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