It’s official…The FAA is actually the movie ‘Airplane’

January 13, 2023

As everyone knows, the whole damn airport system melted down on Wednesday because some FAA software safety system failed...and caused all U.S. flights to be grounded...and delayed.

It's actually called NOTAM and...well, the whole shebang went kaput.

(SIDEBAR: it stands for 'Notice to All Air Missions' and sounds way too close to NORAD. Somebody call Matthew Broderick. More on this later...)

It’s official…The FAA is actually the movie ‘Airplane’

We all know what happened next after every damn plane in A'murica was grounded: Wolf Blitzer got all his aviation cronies on CNN and asked if the world was ending. Fox News threw their hat in the ring with their 8th 'Breaking News' alert of the day and all hell broke out a huge fart.

After an hour of pontificating all was restored by the FDA (FAA?) when they put the milk back in the now running fridge. Translation: It went back on.

Then yesterday we found out what REALLY happened:

'An engineer "replaced one file with another," the official said, not realizing the mistake was being made. As the systems began showing problems and ultimately failed, FAA staff feverishly tried to figure out what had gone wrong. The engineer who made the error did not realize what had happened.'

Yep, it's true. The 'computer guy' pulled out the plug by accident.

Full 'Airplane'! (please tell me you've seen the movie)

You can't make this shit up. Unless, of course, you're the FAA (aka, the government) and you DO make shit up and basically lie for a living.

You know what else can't be made up? The airline industry doing enough apologizing. I mean, as in...they can't make it up to us ENOUGH!

It truly has been a hilarious couple of years...and yes, we have to laugh...or we'll hit the bottle instead.

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