Alaska Airlines Issues Statement and Help on Ongoing Industry Cancellations

December 29, 2021

Alaska Airlines has issued the following release regarding the ongoing flight cancellations due to omicron and the weather and steps flyers can use to ease the troubles:

Winter weather, displaced crew members and aircraft, and the continued impact of the omicron variant on staffing levels are converging to cause more canceled and delayed flights for Alaska Airlines this week.

Today, 170 flights were canceled across Alaska's network, with more cancellations and delays expected throughout the week. As we head into Wednesday and Thursday, we're proactively thinning Seattle departures by about 20% to allow for the additional time it takes to deice aircraft, a requirement during winter weather.  

The weather in Seattle is impacting guests beyond the Pacific Northwest. We strongly urge flyers with non-essential travel scheduled before January 2, 2022, to consider changing their travel to a later date using our flexible travel policy. With more snow expected and limited seats available during an already busy holiday week, we're not able to re-accommodate most guests for at least three days.

We deeply apologize for the inconvenience this winter storm has on our guests and employees and are working hard to return to the level of service you know and expect from us, while operating safely," said Constance von Muehlen, Alaska Airlines chief operating officer and executive vice president. 

If guests cannot reschedule their flights at this time, rest assured we will hold the value of their ticket until they are ready to travel again. Learn more about our Customer Service Commitment here.    

Tips for guests traveling this week:

  • Before heading to the airport, check your email or to see if your flight is impacted.
  • If your flight has been canceled, do not go to the airport to change your itinerary.
  • Managing your reservation online is the best option. Our Contact Center is experiencing hold times of more than 20 hours. To reduce long hold times, guests without immediate needs are asked to wait to contact us about their itineraries until next week.
  • Guests impacted by cancellations and delays may be eligible for reimbursement of reasonable travel expenses by providing flight information and expense details here.
  • If your flight is canceled while you're at the airport and you've checked a bag, please immediately claim it at the baggage carousel before leaving the airport.

Our baggage service teams are working around the clock to reunite unclaimed bags with their owners. It will take several days to complete this work, but our agents will contact every guest to arrange pick-up or delivery.

We greatly appreciate the patience of our guests and tireless efforts from our employees during this busy travel period.

Source: Alaska Airlines

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