American Airlines CEO Says They Will NOT Require Vaccinations for Employees

August 10, 2021

American Airlines Fuel Shortage

American Airlines CEO Doug Parker said in an interview that while the airline will offer 'incentives' to encourage employees to get vaccinated, the carrier will not make vaccinations a requirement.

Parker was speaking on well-known tech journalist Kara Swisher's 'Sway' Podcast and said vaccine requirements 'isn’t something we’re looking to do.'

“In a world where we still have, whatever it is, 40% of the United States not vaccinated for reasons only they can explain, requiring vaccinations to travel and not requiring vaccinations to do anything else around the country isn’t something we’re looking to do,” Parker said in the interview.

Emily Rella of Entrepreneur Reports:

Parker also said he would rather focus on incentives to encourage employees to be vaccinated rather than issue a company mandate, something the company has been doing in the form of extra vacation days and $50 gift cards.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reported that Parker views vaccine requirements for passengers as a no-go, noting that the effort would be “incredibly cumbersome,” especially on crowded flights and highly populated airports.

Predictably, social media was ablaze with arguments on both sides...

Last week, United Airlines said all employees must be vaccinated by October 25th or risk being fired from their jobs.

Frontier followed suit by mandating a similar order to its workforce.

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