American Airlines Instructs its Pilots to Conserve Fuel Amid Shortage

July 27, 2021

American Airlines Fuel Shortage

American Airlines has instructed its pilots to 'conserve fuel when possible' due to a fuel shortage that reportedly started in the Western U.S. but now has started to spread nationwide.

The carrier said airlines, including American, have experienced the delays due to a lack of truck drivers, trucks and fuel supply.

“American Airlines station jet fuel delivery delays initially affected mostly western U.S. cities, but are now being reported at American stations across the country. Delivery delays are expected to continue through mid-August,” John Dudley, managing director of flight operations, told pilots in a memo, which was reviewed by CNBC.

The carrier said flights will take on more fuel on their routes in to airports that are affected by the shortages, in order to minimize delays.

“As our country continues to face multiple challenges, let’s work together as a team to operate reliably, safely and as efficiently as possible,” Dudley wrote. He asked that pilots to use fuel saving strategies such as taxiing with a single engine.

Various sectors, from the auto industry to restaurants and home builders, have been hit by shortages of supplies in recent months as the rapid reopening of the economy from the depths of the pandemic puts the flexibility of supply chains to the test.

These haven't been the only delays in the airline industry.

The flying public has felt the growing pains of a return to normal air travel volume: Southwest Airlines has had numerous delays and cancellations in the past few months as have American and other carriers.

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