Yuma International Airport, YUM

Yuma International Airport is one of the busiest airports in Arizona. It is located just outside of downtown Yuma...south of the central business district and it serves both commercial and private flights.

The aircraft are most commonly used for military aviation as a Joint Air Force airport and served by commercial airlines and aeromedical medical organizations as well as aviation activities.

The airport offers many different services and amenities to its passengers, and it is constantly expanding to meet the needs of its customers. The airport is also home to a variety of businesses, which provides jobs and economic growth for the city.

Yuma Airport History

Yuma International Airport has a rich history that dates back to the early 1900s. In 1910, a small landing field was established near the current airport location. This landing field was used to support the military during World War I. In 1928, the city of Yuma purchased the land and developed it into a commercial airport.

In 1925, the Chamber's Aviation Committee decided to build a first-class landing field in Yuma. They began negotiating with government officials and made an agreement on how much land would be traded for it: one steel frame hangar capable of housing 12 airplanes.

This deal also included Congressman Douglas' bill asking them lease 640 acres of federal land at $1 per year, with privilege to renew another 20 years.

What Airlines Fly out of Yuma International Airport?

The only airlines to fly from the Yuma airport are American Eagle, and the only destination American Eagle flies to is Phoenix-Sky Harbor. American Eagle is an airline subsidiary for American Airlines, so you can connect via Yuma with the AA. (both destinations are direct flights)

Yuma International Airport Terminal Information

Yuma International Airport has one main terminal, 4 rental car counters (form various vendors), a restaurant and lounge, plus free WIFI access throughout the facility.

Where Does Yuma Airport Fly To?

American Airlines flies to 2 destinations:

Phoenix Sky Harbor and Dallas Ft. Worth.

How Long are the Yuma Airport Runways?

Yuma has 4 runways:

  • 3L/21R - 13,300 by 200 feet
  • 3R/21L - 9,240 by 150 feet
  • 8/26 - 6,146 by 150 feet
  • 17/35 - 5,710 by 150 feet

How Big is Yuma Arizona Airport?

Yuma International Airport covers 3,100 acres is located 213 feet above the mean ocean level.

Closest Airport to Yuma, AZ

When we're talking about commercial airports where you can find a variety of flights the 2 closest airports are Phoenix Sky Harbor and San Diego. As we stated above, it should be noted that there are no direct flights to San Diego but there is to Phoenix.


Yuma has a short-term and a long term lot:


Up to 60 min -$2.00 (2 for each additional hour...daily max - $10)


1 Month: $125
3 Months: $300
6 Months: $650
12 Months: $900

Contact Information

2191 E. 32nd St. Suite 218
Yuma, AZ 85365
Phone: +1(928) 726-5882

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