airBaltic Takes Delivery of 29th Airbus A220-300 Jet

August 25, 2021

airBaltic Airbus A220

Latvian airline airBaltic has taken delivery of an Airbus A220-300 aircraft of a total of 50 it has on order with the plane maker.

Since May 2020, airBaltic has operated all flights exclusively with Airbus A220-300 aircraft. This decision simplifies fleet maintenance as well as provides additional benefits from aircraft efficiency, according to the airline.

airBaltic says the performance of the Airbus A220-300 has exceeded the airline's expectations by being able to deliver better overall performance, fuel economy and comfort for both passengers and staff. The new aircraft provides excellent flight with benefits for passengers such as wider seats, larger windows, more space for hand luggage, improved facilities and other improvements.

The Airbus A220-300's high-quality air filtration system is equipped with a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter, which provides the best level of filtration currently available for recirculated cockpit air, from the moment passengers board the aircraft, throughout the flight and up to disembarkation of passengers. The air in the cockpit is carefully controlled and recirculated so often as to ensure complete air replacement 20-30 times per hour.

airBaltic also says the A220 is significantly quieter - up to four times lower noise level. In addition, it is currently the most environmentally friendly commercial aircraft in the world, as the Airbus A220-300 is the first aircraft to have a fully transparent life cycle environmental statement, helping to reduce CO 2 and NO X emissions by 20% and 50% respectively, claimed by Airbus.

[Source: airBaltic]

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