My Fatburger Review in Arizona: Is the Hype Real?

'I go in for the Fatburger review to see if it's still as good as it used to be. Watch my video where I lay out the pros and cons...'

The History of Fatburger

Fatburger's founder, Lovie Yancey is a legend in the industry, and she's done it all by herself. She built her own business from scratch: starting with 3 stools back when most people had never even seen an electric countertop!

Her innovative idea at least got customers through those early years as they waited their turn to order burgers cooked right on top - no griddles needed thanks for this detail-oriented entrepreneur who wanted nothing more than make sure each customer was happy (even if only one person could fit inside).

They called themselves Mr. FatBurger until finally splitting apart over disagreements about how best split proceeds; but not before becoming fixtures in Exposition Park, California...where they started.

Fatburger Review Vee Quiva Casino, Laveen Arizona

Fatburger has over 200 locations across North and South America as well as Europe. The story behind this iconic brand is nothing short of incredible; there are few who have been so tenacious or persistent enough in their endeavors like Lovey herself.

Fatburger is a great quick stop for the traveler, whether it be the whole family or 'solo artist' on the road.

What's on the Fatburger Menu?

Before I jump in to the review (or if you can't wait just watch the video below), I think it's important to cover what's on the menu.

The Fatburger menu is a mouth-watering array of deliciousness (if I may say so myself). Their burgers are made from 100% pure lean beef, grilled to perfection. You can customize your patty with "The Works" (lettuce, tomato, onion, mayo, mustard) or add any of our toppings like pickles relish for an extra kick.

They also have more add-ons and toppings for your burger and come in 4 burger sizes:

Medium (Original) (1/3 lb.)
The burger that made Fatburger famous. Choose from 100% pure lean ground beef, fresh 'sponge' bun and toppings galore.

Large (Kingburger) (1/2 lb.)
FB's half-pound beef patty comes from again, 100% pure lean ground meat, all grilled up to perfection and served on an airy sponge dough bun.

XXL (Double Kingburger) (1 lb.)
Get your game on with this amazing burger (getting serious now). Two juicy, 100% pure lean beef patties grilled to perfection and topped off by a freshly baked sponge brioche bun.

XXXL (Triple Kingburger) (1.5 lb.)
The insanity and impossibility starts here...because I can't even finish this monstrosity: This burger rocks and is close to perfection with three large fresh ground 100% pure lean beef patties that are grilled just right and juicy enough for your taste buds. Yeah, I'm excited...

Fatburger Review Laveen Arizona

The burgers above are the anchors of Fatburger's vibe, but they have some other great stuff to grub on as well:

Milkshakes - Your typical flavors plus banana and Oreo cookie.

Fries - Regular, fatburger skinny fries, sweet potato, fatburger fat fries, fatburger chili cheese fries. I have only had the regular thus far (see review video). 

Hot Dogs and Chili Cheese Dogs

Bone-In and Boneless Buffalo Wings -  I'm a wing guy but have yet to have them.

Sauces (for Wings and What-Not): They have a lot of different sauces - Sweet Teriyaki, Medium, Lemon Pepper, Cajun Dry Rub, Asian Sesame, Carolina Fire BBQ, Sweet Bourbon BBQ, Red Hot Ranch, Scorchin'.

Add-ons - Fried Egg, Bacon, Cheese, Chili, Onion Rings, Gluten Free Bun.

Your Assorted Drinks, Etc...

The "Build Your Own" menu offers many different combination possibilities; crafting one just right can take some time but is worth every second when it tastes this good...seriously. 

They also have their own version of the Impossible Burger but I've been told it's not offered at all locations.

Fatburger Menu Prices - Here's a Rough Guide:

Menu Prices: Burgers



















Skinny Fatburger



Turkey Burger



Veggie Burger



Kid's Combo Meal (Kid's Burger, Hotdog, or Chicken Strips with Fries & Drink)



[Add more prices if I need them:]

My Fatburger Review - Vee Quiva Casino in Arizona

Without giving too much away (Hint: Watch the video above), let's just say I was very pleased on my recent trip where it is located at the Vee Quiva Casino in Arizona. I had a few slight misgivings (I also had a side of fries)...but no review is perfect, unless it's my fried Bologna sandwich.

Ok...that might not be totally true. 🙂

Again, watch the video.

What is the Fatburger Triple-King Challenge?

I've heard of the challenge, but never attempted it myself. 

You order the Triple King Burger, which is 24 OUNCES of beef (3 patties), topped with all the main toppings (tomato, onion, lettuce, etc...). Power that bad boy down...and you get a coupon for a free King burger on your next visit.

Are Fatburger Fries Good?

You're really trying to get me to spill the beans...uh fries without watching my video review!

Ok, I will say this: I really like the fries...a lot! They have a good crunch factor while being a bit light and airy. They actually remind me of a famous french fry...I'll give you the answer in the 'you-know-where'!

Why is Fatburger So Expensive?

I've heard some say Fatburger is too expensive. I've certainly heard people say it's expensive at a casino where you're getting more and more fast food outlets opening up at casino properties.

Here's the deal: Food is always more expensive at resorts...they got you there, you get hungry and you have to eat. You're reeled it. Fatburger is guilty in this regard, but so is every other food establishment in a resort/casino.

Which is Better: Fatburger or In N Out?

I was asked this question a few times when I was doing the video review at Vee Quiva and I've been asked this with other burgers as well.

So let me start with this:

I LOVE both. They are both really different.

Fat has more of an 'old-style' hamburger vibe. It's hard to quantify that in to words. The burger is a bit more 'crumbly' and a tender patty (think homemade) and is a bit more 'bland'...but not in a bad way.

In-N-Out is more of a 'modern' burger (I told you it was hard to explain!). It feels less 'homemade'...sort of more like a sandwich if you will. The sauce-flavor quotient is second to none and has a strong aftertaste. You have to try both of course to make your own judgements.

What is my pick? I'm not prepared to pick a winner yet...there are more burgers to come on these pages. 🙂

There will be an In N Out review coming soon though.

Is There a Fatburger Near Me?

As of this post there are about 200 locations that cover the U.S. (mostly western), Canada, and international locations: Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, China, Fiji, Malaysia, The United Kingdom, India, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Oman, Philippines, Panama, Qatar and Japan.

They also plan a 300 store expansion further east in the U.S. (such as Texas...where they've already opened 2 locations).

Click here to search for one near you.


Fatburger has been around a long time and has endured some challenges over the years. At one point, I was even wondering if they were still around.

Indeed they are...and it looks like they are making a renewed push to grow, as I've seen some new locations getting ready to open in Arizona. (hopefully this is the case elsewhere!).

If you've never 'gone fat', I highly recommend that you do. 🙂