Airlines are Sick of Drinking and Violence on Their Flights

June 1, 2021

People are Drinking Too Much and Getting Violent on Flights...American and Southwest are Having None of It

American Airlines joins Southwest as the latest carrier to stop serving alcohol as the incidents of passenger violence are rising.

Incidents stem from passengers who are refusing to wear masks to assaulting flight crew.

American was planning on resuming alcohol sales Tuesday but put on the brakes. They plan to restart the booze on September 14th, when the Federal Mask Mandate expires.

Flight Attendants are Getting Punched and Losing Teeth, Fun...

Last Sunday a woman allegedly punched a Southwest Airlines flight attendant, knocking two teeth out. (the woman has been charged with battery and possibly faces prison time) 

United Airlines is still serving alcohol depending on length and type of flight. Delta is still serving as well.

JetBlue and Alaska are serving booze with little restriction at the time of this post (but like they say...don't go away...things could change quick!)

The FAA: 'Airlines...We Have a Problem'

FAA enforcement actions due to unruly/violent passengers is on pace to quadruple in 2021 compared to the past several years. 

The most common form of unruliness is intoxication.

Not surprisingly, alcohol consumption has been found to be the leading cause of unruliness among air travelers.

Passengers are Tired of Wearing Masks and Are Not Afraid to Show You They're Are

I don't know one person who likes wearing a mask, whether it be in a store or on an airplane. But put them in a metal tube, make them cover their face...then give 'em a shot o' Smironoff...

Great combo...

A column by the Wall Street Journal comparing the September 11th, 2001 terrorist attacks to the Jan. 6th Capitol Riot has drawn the ire of the sister of one of the pilots killed.

The CEO of TripAdvisor says that travel is 'back' in the U.S. due to vaccinations and sees a return to pre-pandemic numbers as the year progresses.

Emirates says it will begin recalling pilots that were furloughed due to the pandemic as the carrier sees demand increase.

Delta Air Lines says bookings are likely to surpass even pre-pandemic levels as they see a surge in travel for the summer season.

'Karen' flips out at Indy Airport...demands to speak to “the manager of the airport” and proceeds to go full 'Karen'...

See you tomorrow...

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