American Airlines Asks Employees to Work for Free

June 11, 2021

'American Airlines is asking their employees to work for free as the carrier is having trouble staffing all its needs amid a spike in air travel.'

American Airlines is asking its employees for help by asking them to them volunteer their time as they are struggling to get enough workers.

Airlines have seen a huge increase in passenger travel as the Covid vaccine rolls out world-wide. So American feels it has become necessary to make up the worker shortfall or risk losing business due to dissatisfied customers.

The airline is asking that their headquarters employees volunteer at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport this summer, as more people head out of town to travel after the pandemic.

The volunteers will be able to help with different tasks and perform a number of jobs such as distributing boarding passes or taking tickets for flights while also providing airport information services like telling passengers what terminal they need to go into if they are changing planes.

Is American is Asking the Employees That They Canned to Come Work?

Honestly...not sure. But one would think they would be reaching to current AND former employees. Workers that were laid off/fired might consider volunteering in the hopes they might eventually get their job back.

But American has made no such guarantee...or even any statement on it.

American laid off about 30% of their support staff when the Pandemic hit.

Delta Has Reached Out to Employees for Help in Their Lounges

Delta Air Lines has asked for volunteers to help out at their airport loyalty lounges at Atlanta International Airport...bussing tables, food prep, etc...

Delta is not offering any pay, either.

“We have asked Atlanta-based, salaried employees to volunteer in our Atlanta Delta Sky Clubs to help meet the rapid, recent increases in customer volumes and ensure that our teams continuously deliver the elevated club experiences our customers have come to expect,” the carrier said in a statement.

Am I Missing Something?

It would seem to me American and Delta might approach this differently and make more of an effort to communicate that they 'hope to bring these people' back or something thereof.

Maybe I missed that. It just feels a little (a lot?) 'one-way' to me.

Sure hope United and Southwest don't ask the same they are both about to soend a crap-ton on new planes...

Boeing has just 10 737 MAX aircraft stored (down from 100) as they are finding new buyers amid a better-than-expected recovery.

Belgian commuter airline Air Antwerp has permanently shut down...claiming another carrier going belly-up...a victim of the pandemic.

Spirit Airlines will launch 30 flights out of Miami International later this year as they take on American and Southwest.

Qatar Airways has stopped accepting new Airbus A350 jets until a paint deterioration issue can be resolved.

Ryanair will operate 10 aircraft and 15 routes in Zagreb (Croatia) this summer.

AMEX is offering 90,000 Qantas bonus points upon sign-up and $249 back (runs through July 8)

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