American Cancels Hundreds of Flights Citing Worker Shortages

June 21, 2021

'American Airlines has cancelled hundreds of flights due to worker shortages, maintenance issues...and, planes they don't know how to fly??'

American Airlines has cancelled upwards of 500 flights over the weekend and in to today saying they don't have enough workers to fill the flight demand. They also cite 'maintenance issues' and employees reporting sick and not coming to work.

On top of that, the airline expects this to continue well in to July.

Passengers are, of course, livid beyond belief (more on that below).

So far (as of Monday, June 21) American has cancelled:

- 83 flights on Friday
- 123 flights on Saturday
- 178 on Sunday
- 97 on Monday (today...and this may have increased)

American's Flight Cancellations Mostly Involve 737's and A320s

It's interesting many of these cancellations revolve around American's Boeing 737 and Airbus A320 fleet.

One Mile at a Time founder Ben Schlappig wrote in an article that some of the reasons could be attributed to not having enough pilots to fly these aircraft.

A good number of American's pilots were put on furlough, some retired, and some took a leave of absence.

American has also been asking employees to volunteer and work for free to help with the pinch.

Ben goes on the say that some of these pilots could be getting certified to fly the 737MAX, for example. And speaking of the MAX, the carrier (as well as all the other airlines) had to bring that plane back in to service after it was grounded.

American Airlines Flyers are Feeling the Pain of the Shortage

Travelers across the nation on American flights voiced their frustration on social media at the airline when they couldn't get where they were going:

AA Has Been Caught Out by the Sudden Travel Surge...

Because of the sudden spike in air travel (as the vaccine rolls out) American seemingly was not prepared to handle the resurgence.

It also seems that most people don't care about American Airline's excuses.

Expedia Group has made a $275 million commitment to aid its destination and partner hotels to navigate through the extreme downturn due to the Pandemic.

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