Are Covid-Sniffing Dogs Coming to an Airport Near You?

June 17, 2021

'Australian officials are conducting tests with 'Covid sniffing dogs' at Australian airports to determine if a flyer has the virus...'

Want to be sniffed at your local mall? Maybe your theatre? 

How about your supermarket?

You think I'm joking?

Labrador dogs are taking part in a test at Australia's Adelaide Airport to detect if arriving flyers (and possibly deplaning passengers...that wasn't made clear) posses a certain 'smell' that would 'indicate' the person has the early stages of Covid-19.

What would happen is the person's armpits are 'swabbed', then presented to the dog for scent. If the dog detects a certain 'smell' the dog then sits down, indicating the person is infected.

Off to The Gulag with them!

They say the dogs are up to 98% accurate.

They've Already Tested at Sydney Airport Which is Part of an International Cooperation

Australian Health Minister Steven Wade says they've tested this at Sydney which is part of an alliance with France.

"Results are expected later this year, and the trial is being run by Australian Border Force (ABF) in collaboration with organizations including the University of Adelaide's veterinary school."

They could roll this out "across a range of environments such as at airports, stadiums and crowded locations to screen large amounts of people quickly, reducing the chance of the virus spreading at big events".

So What If You Smell?

So if you have 'the scent'?

"We would be able to direct them into that quarantine facility and it's very important in terms of our infection control and protecting the whole of the South Australian community."

Translation: Quarantine them whether they want to or not (let's call it what it is).

'Hey...They're Testing Stuff...It's Voluntary Too...No Worries...'

"At the moment it's a voluntary process and the dogs don't interact with passengers," According to an Australian official.

Until it isn't voluntary.

What Are the Standards if Implemented on a Large Scale?

There aren't (and likely wouldn't have) any.

University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine director Cynthia M. Otto said “There are no national standards” for scent dogs.

Lois Privor-Dumm, a public health researcher at Johns Hopkins University said dogs detecting medical scents is very difficult and challenging...

“What are all the ethical considerations? What are the regulatory considerations? How practical is this?”

Quality control is a first step, and a large one. Medical scent detection is more complicated than drug or bomb detection, Dr. Otto said. A dog working an airport for drugs or explosive detection has a consistent context and a fairly straightforward target odor. In Covid detection, researchers know that the dogs can distinguish an infected person’s sweat or urine. But they don’t know what chemicals the dog is identifying.

Where Does the Virus 'Detection' End?

Like I said...malls, your neighborhood? After all, it's for the good of humanity.

"Don't be crazy sound like a conspiracy nut."

Sorry. I'll just sit here and comply.

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