Boeing 787 British Airways Jet Suffers Nose-Wheel Collapse

June 18, 2021

A British Airways Boeing 787 Dreamliner's nose gear gave way at London's Heathrow Airport this morning (June 18th) sending the nose of the plane slamming to the ground.

The aircraft was not taxiing at the time of the incident but rather it was parked on the tarmac being prepared for a cargo flight to Frankfurt, Germany, according to The Points Guy.

Since it was in use for cargo operations there were no passengers on board.

According to The Daily Mail two people were injured and one was sent to the hospital.

Boeing 787 British Airways Plane's Nose Gear Reportedly Not Locked Properly

Sources are also telling The Daily Mail that an engineer failed to lock the nose gear properly.

The plane in the incident is a Boeing 787-8 model, which is the shortest variant of the Dreamliner.

British Airways has a total of 30 787 Dreamliners in its fleet, with 12 787-8 models and the remaining planes being the 787-9, which is longer and typically carries more passengers.

This Particular Boeing 787 Was Converted for Cargo Duties

Although not entirely unheard of, passenger jets owned by the big carriers aren't typically switched to cargo operations.

It could be that with the huge downturn (due to the Pandemic) BA switched the plane to provide more cargo revenue.

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Alaska Airlines is launching new service from Boise, Idaho to Chicago, Phoenix and others...

Indonesia is debating whether to refinance its national airline Garuda, or shut it down completely.

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