Delta Flight Diverts to OKC After Off-Duty Flight Attendant Goes Nuts

June 14, 2021

The summer of flying discontent continues, as a Delta Air Lines flight diverted to Oklahoma City when an off-duty flight attendant allegedly assaulted members of the crew.

Pilots diverted Delta Flight 1730 flying from Los Angeles (LAX) to Atlanta (ATL) when the man, now identified as Stephon Duncan started acting erratically: He apparently started early in the flight by asking numerous questions to other passengers seated near him...he wanted to know how to spell the passengers' names.

Things took a nut turn for the worse as Duncan got on the cabin intercom and addressed the other passengers with:

“To put on seat belts, the plane is being taken over and will be going under 10,000 feet.” 

We got another live one...

Passengers and Crew Subdued Duncan, But Not Before He Assaulted 2 Crew Members

Duncan was apparently wrestled to the ground by passengers and crew, but not before he forearmed one crew member and choked another.

Once the plane landed at Will Rogers Airport in Oklahoma City Duncan was arrested and charged with assault and battery and put in a rubber room (I made that last part up...).

Delta took time to thank the subduers.

This is the THIRD Delta Air Snafu in the Last 2 Weeks

On Thursday, a Delta flight from Los Angeles (LAX) to New York (JFK) had to divert to Detroit Rock City when a passenger who was swigging the decanter became unruly and a 'threat', according to the airline.

On June 4th, a Delta flight had to divert to Albuquerque when a passenger tried to breach the cockpit. That flight was originally scheduled from Los Angeles to Nashville.

(Is there something in the water over at LAX? Don't answer that...)

What the Hell is Going On...Are They Recirculating the Air Up There?

Things certainly seem a little off, and one has to wonder if this has some Pandemic relationship...not going all conspiracy on you..but it bears discussion...might it?

Maybe passengers aren't getting the normal amount of oxygen? Hmm...wonder what might cause THAT...

More than a few experts have chimed in saying the Lockdowns could have long-lasting negative effects

One thing is for sure...the numbers of incidents are rising...and it's a problem.

Not encouraging...

"Hey Joe...can you let us start flying again?" Sincerely, American, United and Delta.

Southwest Airlines has hired Mark Zuckerberg to go out and find new employees for the airline...he has started knocking on doors in the neighborhoods near Southwest's Dallas headquarters. Not really, but SWA IS using chatbots...

Here's some compelling reasons to apply for International Airline Credit Cards in addition to your U.S. based cards that keep getting devalued...

File this one under "No way! The government is over budget?? How did THAT happen?" The New Air Force One Plane is delayed and will cost more.

A fight broke out at an AA ticket counter at Miami International. In other news, water is wet...

American has announced 14 new routes (10 domestic and 4 international) out of Austin starting in the fall.

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