FAA Lowers the Boom on Unruly (Violent) Airline Passengers

June 24, 2021

Airline passengers are creating problems in the sky at a record pace...and like the airlines the FAA is clamping down.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is proposing a record $124,000 in fines in a single action against eight passengers who have violated FAA rules aboard commercial aircraft.

The infractions include assaulting flight crew, drunk behavior and refusals to wear facemasks.

These enforcement actions are a part of FAA's 'new' zero-tolerance policy for any disruptive or violent behavior on flights which could potentially be harmful to others, as well as themselves. 

The FAA have received over 3,000 reports of unruly behavior by passengers this year alone including about 2,350 reports of passengers refusing to comply with federal facemask mandates.

The Eight Cases Against Passengers Are as Follows:

January 20th, 2021:
A man became agitated when a Skywest flight bound for Hermosillo, Mexico returned to Phoenix due to bad weather. The man then hit a fellow passenger which resulted in him being escorted off the aircraft. Proposed fine: $19,000

January 21, 2021:
A passenger was caught drinking on an Allegiant flight with alcohol not served on the plane, which is not allowed. After the drink was confiscated, the passenger started shouting profanities and refused to to wear their mask. They were met at the gate by authorities. Proposed fine: $14,000

February 7, 2021:
A passenger shoved flight attendants on an Alaska flight as they walked by while documenting who were not wearing masks. Proposed fine: $15,000

February 15, 2021:
A Skywest passenger refused to wear their facemask and drank alcohol not provided by the airline. Proposed fine: $22,000

February 19, 2021:
A passenger refused to wear their facemask on an Allegiant Air flight then started berating and threatening the crew. Proposed fine: $9,000

February 22, 2021:
A passenger on a Southwest flight repeatedly refused to wear their facemask before and during taxi. When the pilot returned to the gate, the passenger struck a customer service supervisor who boarded the plane in the jaw. The passenger was arrested and charged with assault. Proposed fine: $21,000

February 25, 2021:
Passenger onboard an Endeavor Airlines flight repeatedly refused to wear their facemask. Authorities met the passenger at the gate after landing. Proposed fine: $14,000

February 25, 2021:
A Southwest Airlines passenger refused to wear their mask and used profanity towards the crew. As a result, the captain returned the flight to the gate, and a Southwest customer service representative escorted the passenger off the aircraft. Law enforcement met the passenger on the jetway. Proposed fine: $10,500

You can bet if this continues the FAA will escalate the punishment.

All you dumbasses might want to knock it off....

[Info provided by the FAA]

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