Frontier Airlines Adding ‘Covid’ Fee…PSYCHE!! (They’re Not After All)

June 22, 2021

Frontier Airlines Shared in the Billions of Federal Bailout Money...But They're Still Gonna Make You Pay a Virus Fee...

(UPDATE! Read at the bottom of this post. Frontier takes it back!)

It used to be when someone added a 'Corona' to your travels, you did the subtle thumbs-up knowing you were getting some free suds.

Those days are SO over...

Denver-based Frontier Airlines is now going to slap you with a "Covid Recovery" surcharge to help pay for making sure everything is as clean as your doctor's office.

The airline says it's for "increased sanitation and cleaning onboard the aircraft and in the airport, shields at the ticket counters and gate areas, and personal protective equipment for employees..."

They might as well slap you in the face.

Oh, wait. The face is already taken care of.

Frontier Got Flamed Last Year for Making Flyers Pay Extra for a Guaranteed Empty Middle Seat


Back in May 2020 the carrier was proposing a fee to flyers to ensure the middle seat was empty during the Pandemic. They called it the 'go away Joey I need this middle seat for my potato chips and iPhone' fee.

Lawmakers balked and were outraged that ANYONE would try to add fees, surcharges or taxes...

Democratic lawmakers Sen. Ed Markey, D-Mass., Rep. Steve Cohen, D-Tenn., and Rep. Jesús García, D-Ill., sent a letter to Frontier CEO Barry Biffle calling the airline's middle seat guarantee policy "outrageous given the spread of the coronavirus" insisting that "the flying public should not be charged extra to stay healthy on flights."

Outraged I tell ya! You tell 'em guys! Thank God and Baby Jesus we have the government to save us financially!!

UPDATE: Frontier has 'rescinded' their Covid fee just a day after it was reported en masse on the media.

Zach Kramer of Frontier said:

"The charge, which was included in the airline’s total promoted fare versus an add-on fee, was meant to provide transparency and delineate what portion of the fare was going toward Covid-related business recovery, including repayment of a CARES Act loan from the U.S. government,'' Kramer said. "However, to avoid misinterpretation, the airline will discontinue the practice of breaking out this category within its overall promoted fares.''

Well hot damn!

Nothing like a little 'pub'(licity) to make you have second thoughts...

The U.S. airline industry passed a major milestone in March...more than 2 million people passed through TSA checkpoints on a Friday in the month...the first time screenings passed 2M in a single day since March of 2020.

British Airways will start 18 flights-a-week service from Belfast City to "Exeter, Glasgow, Leeds Bradford and Newquay after the routes were hit by the collapse of airline Stobart Air". 

Ryanair and Wizz Air aren't waiting for the Italian government to get its act together in starting its new state-run airline (the successor to bankrupt Alitalia). They are grabbing hot routes in Spaghetti-ville.

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