Southwest Airlines, 2 System Crashes – Dare We Use the ‘CA’ Word?

June 16, 2021

Southwest Airlines probably fired a few IT guys over the last 48 hours...

The Dallas based carrier had two system on the evening of June 14th (Monday) and then again on Tuesday afternoon (the 15th).

The result: Southwest's entire fleet was grounded as they scrambled to bring up their network, their computers (and their playstations...)

Passengers were none too happy:

You get the idea...

The First Outage Was Due to a Third-Party Weather Data Provider

Southwest said its first outage came Monday night due to a weather data provider that went down. The airline said the weather info is required to 'safely operate the aircraft'.

The Second Outage Came Early Tuesday Afternoon Due To...?


Southwest has yet to say. Related? I would think they would readily say it was the weather glitch again.

Maybe more serious?

The Cyberattack Conspiracy Theorists Had Their Say, Of Course...

'Foreign Cyber Attack on Southwest Airlines? FAA grounded all WN flights in the United States'

- Newsbreak

But Here's the Thing: Maybe They're Right?

It's hardly a stretch anymore to think that's a distinct possibility...

'Southwest Airlines having "computer malfunctions" This is following complications with pipelines and meat packaging facilities. 
I'm too close to draining my savings, buying more firearms and bug-out supplies. Mark my words financial cyber attack will happen before end of summer.'

- Major Kong - Twitter

At one point I was saving some $$ for a prepper van.

Maybe I could redeem my FF miles for a pickup, a gas stove and a guitar...and head for the hills...

Some of the best ways to use the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card (100,000 on sign up...)

Learning how to use CLEAR...the TSA Pre-Check alternative that will speed you through the airport security process.

Air Canada extends their Covid-19 refund policy until July 12.

Left for dead by the pundits, New York area airports are seeing a steady resurgence of air routes and air travel.

The TSA warns that over 100 U.S. airports will continue to see staff shortages and as result could delay travel.

British Airways is sending thousands of staff back on furlough as the airline waits for more countries to open back up.

South African Airways is being sold off by its government and privatized to give the airline much needed capital...the carrier has not been profitable since 2011.

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