Southwest Airlines Confirms Order for 34 Boeing MAX 7 Jets (with Dad’s Money??)

June 9, 2021

'Southwest Airlines has agreed to exercise an option and is ordering 34 Boeing 737 MAX jets as it looks to spend some of its government allowance...'

I guess the government stimulus has really helped...

Southwest Airlines has confirmed an order of 34 Boeing 737 MAX 7 jets as the carrier appears bullish on travel rebound.

This order is from a previous commitment/option from Southwest as they look to update their all-737 fleet through the rest of the decade.

By 2031, Southwest plans to have nearly 250 of the MAX aircraft as it retires its older planes.

Where'd You Get All That Money Vern?

I think it would be a bit naive to think the government bailout has not helped...even if a little teeny-weeny bit.

As a CNBC quote says:

Southwest expects its 2022 capital expenditures to total $1.5 billion, up from a previous estimate of $700 million.

I don't know where Southwest got all that extra money...oh wait: Yes I do.

Now, I know how this sounds. It sounds like I'm all bent 'outta shape on Southwest (and the rest of the airlines) taking government bailouts.

I'm not.

The Carriers Don't Have to EVER Pay Back the Bailouts, Do They?

Is Southwest, American, Delta...and the rest (The Professor and Mary-Ann) gonna pay it back?

Don't think so:

"The first $100 million paid to each airline will be a grant, and the 70-30 split applies to payments above that level, according to one aviation source. The airlines had expected those funds -- $25 billion for passenger airlines and $3 billion for cargo airlines -- to be entirely grants that would not be repaid."

Yes, this article is over a year old. But I have not seen anything to indicate this has changed.

That's what bends me.

Yes. We HAD to Bail Out the Airlines

I was 100% all-in on bailing out the airlines. When the Pandemic hit, no one knew what would happen. Everyone stopped flying. Planes got sent to the desert.

If the carriers weren't helped, they were likely to go under. There is no way we could have let that happen. It would've been catastrophic for the economy.

So they basically get a pass?

Yes, most of us got stimulus money. Most of us got a couple grand (on the top end).

The airlines got BILLIONS.

At least give me non-rubber chicken on my next flight.

Oh, wait. You don't serve food anymore...

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