United Airlines Mulls 100 737 MAX Jet Order

June 10, 2021

United Airlines is reportedly in talks with Boeing for an order of at least 100 737 MAX jets and possibly other narrow-body planes according to a posting by Bloomberg and other sources.

The article also said United could make an Airbus single-aisle plane purchase as well.

Southwest Already Went Shopping for Some 737 MAX's...

United isn't the only carrier plane shopping as Southwest Airlines exercised an option to buy 34 MAX 7 jets...likely with Dad's money. (I know...weird...just go read that article and it'll make sense)

I talked about the 'bailout question' (in the above link on Southwest). Yes, the same concerns exist in my mind for United as well: UA received around $5 billion in bailout funds that they largely don't have to pay back.

And again, I fully understand that they had to get bailed out. But where do the giveaways end? Why do they not have to pay it back?

Doug Parker (AA CEO) Said They Were Invincible

"...we'll never lose money again."

Bet you'll never blurt that out again Doug. 

Look, how could he (or anyone) have known what was to befall us? But it nevertheless illustrates an important lesson:

You can ALWAYS lose money.

Right Doug?

(I'm waiting for American's new jet order now with Dad's money...)

Is The 737 MAX Past its Troubles?

That is the $25 billion bailout question: 2 horrible disasters, then an additional grounding left Boeing with its tail (flaps?) between its legs.

Seemingly, the plane looks to be past its troubles.

Fingers crossed. Boeing is too important a player in the world economy to have too many more large-scale snafus...

"Your hold time is 17 days. Press 1 if you'd like a callback."

Munich Airport has reopened Terminal 1, yet another sign of rising travel/flight demand worldwide.

Airbus has so far delivered 220 jets in 2021 (with 50 in May) as it seeks to rebound from a cataclysmic 2020.

Qantas has a new partnership whereby you can now earn frequent flyer points when you obtain a personal loan. (now, if I can get the same deal at my local wine bar...)

Sun Country Airlines will offer same-day flight service for the Green Bay Packers-Minnesota Vikings NFL football game on November 21st. No word if Aaron Rodgers has booked a ticket...

American Airlines planes to start opening their flagship airport lounges (Miami, Dallas, Chicago, L.A. and New York) in September.

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