United Plans to Go Supersonic by the End of the Decade

June 4, 2021

United Airlines Inks Deal That Will See The First Passenger Supersonic Flights Since The Concorde by the End of the Decade

United Airlines has entered an agreement with Denver-based Boom Supersonic to buy 15 supersonic passenger jets (with an option to add 35 more) that will fly twice the speed of today's planes.

So how fast?

They will get you from London to Newark in three and a half hours and San Francisco to Tokyo in about six hours. (Yes!)

Boom says the deal is worth about $200 million per plane.

United Plans Sustainability Initiatives with the Project

United will optimized to run on 100% sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and a 'net-zero' carbon supersonic footprint.

Net Zero carbon emissions simply means the jets will add no more emissions than the amount that is taken away from the atmosphere.

How Many People Will Boom's Supersonic Jet Carry?

Boom says Overture, the name of the plane, will carry 88 passengers, but, a full-size prototype has yet to be built. Boom CEO Blake Scholl says a one-third sized plane for test purposes will be built likely in early 2022.

By way of comparison, The Concorde carried roughly 100 flyers.

When is This Gonna Happen?

Test flights are planned for 2026 and start carrying passengers by 2029.

What Happened to the Concorde?

The French-built Concorde Supersonic entered service in 1976 and flew passenger flights until 2003.

Air France Flight 4590 crashed on July 25th, 2000 killing all 100 passengers, nine crew members and 4 people on the ground.

It was found that debris from another plane fell on the runway and the Concorde flight struck it...damaging one of its tires on takeoff. This resulted in a fire that downed the aircraft.

There has not been a supersonic airliner in commercial passenger service since the Concorde.

Alaska Airlines is ending its partnership with Emirates Airline as Alaska starts its planned oneworld alliance membership.

Qatar Airways said they are now flying to more U.S. destinations than before the pandemic.

Newcomers Breeze and Avelo Airways might actually benefit by launching during the Pandemic according to Travel Weekly.

American Airlines and its AAdvantage members have raised nearly $1.5 Million for Covid-19 relief in one month, according to the carrier.

Ryanair may delay delivery of its first Boeing 737 MAX plane until after the summer due to a 'paperwork' problem. 

Ryanair and Jet2 issue update as more flights are cancelled due to The Pandemic.

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