My Failure to Comply Got me the Royal Hush (a Laughlin Story)

January 29, 2022

Don Laughlin Riverside Resort - SkyGoFly - Full of Hot Air

'My failure to comply: Here's why I would have been better off dropping my coins in the bartender's mouth than than the video poker machine...'



Those are two words that always go well together...kinda like peanut butter and jelly, or a stripper and a man's empty wallet...

Now, for some of you, Laughlin might be unfamiliar: Laughlin is a small gambling town in Nevada right on the Colorado River across from another possibly unfamiliar (for some) town named Bullhead City. Either way, just know that Laughlin is a very miniature version of Las Vegas that has a distinctly older and less hectic demographic where everything is also distinctly cheaper (than Vegas).

It's a great low-key weekend for the bargain vacationers as well as the traveler moving through town.

As it turned out, I had to deliver some high value items there for a client so it gave me the perfect excuse to indulge in a quick one-nighter at Don Laughlin's Riverside Resort and Casino.

The Riverside is actually the first resort built there in the 60's (and hence named after the town's founder) and it shows: Quite a bit old looking but I get the feeling the owners want to keep the old 'saloon' feel intact.

It just felt old to me...but anyhoo...

I check in, settle in to my room and relax for a bit before meandering down to the casino. Mind you, I'm not much of a gambler anymore but I still love casinos.

Go figure.

As early evening approached, I took a leisurely stroll down the Laughlin Riverwalk and worked up a bit of thirst.

I meandered my way back to the Riverside...found one of the several casino bars you'd typically find to keep the slot players lubricated, and plopped my rear down and ordered a beer.

Failure to Comply: When it's Painfully Obvious Drinking and Face Coverings Are Mutually Exclusive

I pulled my mask down off of my face to start enjoying my beverage.

"Hey, mask up!" The barback shot at me.

Pointing down at my beer, I then returned (nicely I might add):

"Oh...I'm drinking." I actually thought he didn't see that I had a drink.

"Pull your mask up between sips. Don't comply and you get kicked out." he barked.

'Failure to comply'. I pondered the meaning of all this.

Oh, I knew the meaning..."failure to comply will result in disciplinary action" and I'll be sent to the principal's office.

I think I was reminded once again how utterly lost we are as a human race.

As I prepared to get up and leave (to go outside to finish said least I can take my face diaper off...for now that is), I glanced through the server window to the back 'prep' area to see Mr. Sunshine barback and his co-horts enjoying a maskless moment (see photo below).

Failure to Comply - The Maskless Hypocrites

(Oh yes, don't think 'ol Kenster here isn't going to leave without getting some photographic documentation of these wayward, maskless souls).

What's so disappointing these days is three-fold:

If you feel masks are genuinely helpful (I don't) that's fine. I actually get that. The fact that people actually think it's necessary to 'pull your mask up between sips' is troubling...that is, troubling for the intellectual future of mankind (and I'm thinking of starting a petition to drop the 'kind' part).

Secondly, a good portion of society has just become plain rude. And I think part of this is bred from utter frustration, and fear.

We should all be frustrated...

And we should all be scared.

Finally, the staff (in my little fracas outlined here) are hypocrites.

The rules don't apply to you. Not a good look if you're trying to create your own version of Stalin-era Russia. At least make an effort to set the example. Or just put a gun to my head while you serve that beer to me and be honest:

"Do as I say...not as we doo..."

('Doo' being the very operative word here)

What's your take? Sound off by using the 'Contact Us' link below...and subscribing to my YouTube Channel (I do a fair amount of videos that will delight and enthrall...

...just remember to keep that mask up between keystrokes.

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