United Airlines Workers: 97% get Poked, Air Canada begs the U.S., Qatar Chins, MORE…

By Kenneth Holland

September 29, 2021

United Airlines Says 97% of Workers Getting The Jab, 3% Say Jump in a Mask...

United Airlines said Tuesday that less than 3% of its 67,000 U.S.-based employees applied for a religious or medical exemption to the airline's vaccine mandate and more than 99% had complied with vaccinations by September 27th deadline despite only having one week left before people start getting fired over it.

In an attempt at damage control United released new numbers from their recent internal survey which showed how few workers actually chose not get vaccinated because they were opposed on personal beliefs even if this was against company policy: 593 out 6800 total applicants failed/eluded flu shots as seen in above passage- yet little news coverage surfaces about such data...

Air Canada Begs Americans to Come Back

Air Canada is trying to lure America's frequent flyers with the promise of luxurious travel perks, as a Canadian official said they will step up efforts in reviving crucial traffic from their largest tourism market--the United States.

COVID-19 has battered every aspect and it seems that even these elite travelers may be losing interest; during the first six months or so this year (as compared with 2019), only 178K people arrived by plane per day. It remains unclear whether Air Canda could make any difference at all when we're looking into how big things actually got versus what might happen next...

Qatar Takes it on the Chin...to the Tune of 4 BILLION

Qatar Airways, one of the world's most profitable airlines and a state-owned carrier in Qatar has announced that their revenues have suffered from losing business due to the pandemic which grounded planes.

The bold statement read "We are devastated by this," with evidence provided as well including pictures highlighting what was lost during lockdowns: no flights available for those traveling overseas or returning back home after experiencing pandemic symptoms without quarantine orders being issued first-- these people missed connections because they weren't allowed off airport grounds.

Rex Murphy: How COVID-19 Has Shown What Government is Really Like

In the beginning, it seemed like we knew what our leaders were doing. After all they had chosen only experts to help guide us through this crisis and we trusted them blindly - at least until week two when their plan changed without any warning or explanation as if someone just happened onto something better along the way.

There is NOT something better coming...and the government (s) have zero clue what they're doing...

[Image Credit: Helena Lopes]

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