The Big Short: Who wants to be an Air Traffic Controller?

Annnnd, fresh off the heels of yesterday's sermon on flus, airline delays and all manner of diatribes, comes the news that United and American Airlines will reduce the number of flights this summer to New York area airports.

This is at the urging of the FAA, who warned that the reduction is necessary due to a shortage of Air Traffic Controllers.

Why is there a shortage? Well, there are 2 reasons (I'm sure by this point you can guess one of them)...but I'll lay them out in the interest of keeping my extraordinary loyal readership more informed than the President (which isn't a tall order).

(sorry, once again, I strayed from the topic at hand: Tacos. oh, wait a sec *leafs through piles of notes confusingly*) - that was for my food blog.

Ah, here...back to the issue:

"Richard Santa of the National Air traffic controllers Association says staffing shortages swelled during the pandemic due in part to retirements and *** hiring freeze. *** union analysis shows the number of air traffic controllers has dropped 10% in the last decade."

Once again, the flying public is subjected to poor planning: '....number of air traffic controllers has dropped 10% in the last decade.'

The 'average' salary for air traffic controllers ranges from 54K to over 120K per year.

Do NOT tell me that they cannot find workers. When you offer that kind of money that's just plane dropping the ball... will be impacted YET AGAIN. As if the air travel industry is not already in enough disarray??

Question: Where are you flying this summer? Reply below and let me know...even if you're not gonna fly and are taking your skateboard...

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