Oh…I could blame them all day long…but I’d be wrong

Oh…I could blame them all day long…but I’d be wrong

As I scribble this missive, I am sitting in my seat on a flight from Houston (Hobby) bound for Dallas (Southwest).

Our flight was supposed to leave 90 minutes ago. But we are delayed.

Bad weather?

Mechanical issue?


Just "delayed".

And as the delay creeps and creeps longer, you might wonder "what the hell is going on?" (...maybe this has happened to you?)

The Answer:

When it's not the 2 reasons I stated above, it's usually because they don't have the staff to operate the flight.

Most of the time, they actually have the bodies there at the airport (you've seem them if you've been delayed), but they cannot fly due to 'duty' rules. That means, if they've put in too many hours, they legally cannot fly (FAA regs) so the airline needs to bring in a new crew.

The airline(s) doesn't have it. Oh, they try. Which is why you sit on that plane and wait...and wait. They want to operate that flight...to not do it costs them money. But once they finally 'know' they cannot get the requisite number of crew...then they cancel it.

Frustrating to say the least (as most of you, again, already know).

Why Does This Happen with Such Regularity These Days?

Now, it's easy to want to believe it's one single answer: "the airlines overbook on purpose and just cancel when they're not making enough money on a flight!".

This is almost always NOT the case. In actuality, it's often several factors that 'influence' flight disruptions. Deregulation is one. The capitalists of the world don't want to believe that (I am a staunch capitalist) but it's true. And because of this, airlines are in a race with each other...to the bottom...and they just keep undercutting each other with slimmer and slimmer margins.

But the Other Reason...Like it or Not...is The Pandemic

It's frankly sad I have to prep that statement because it's so polarizing.

But I am right.

I said it from the very beginnings of the shutdowns. We will pay economically for our mistakes (yes, it was a MISTAKE) for years to come.

I will explain my position on this soon.

"Ken, why you gettin' all political? I thought this is a travel site!"

#1 - It's not political. I'm merely stating facts that a pandemic (yes, I believe it's real, BTW) has damaged us beyond repair and things will NEVER be the same (again, facts).


#2 - This will affect your travel going forward for years and years to come as well. Would you rather I lie and blow expensive cigar smoke up your tailpipe? OR, be armed with the knowledge that you will need in your travels moving forward?

Now that I've either: scared you, pissed you off, or convinced you to issue me a marriage proposal, (sorry, I'm married) you need to protect yourself. Keep your BS detector on (sadly, many lost theirs in their bowl of stupidity) and stay sharp out there...

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