It’s not a slippery slope until you fall and break MY hip

Slippery slope

Yesterday I'm driving through a parking lot in my quest for a space, knowing I'll eventually find one half the size of a mini Cooper (apparently parking doesn't matter anymore unless you drive a battery-powered car the size of a Fruit Loops box) and I roll up on two gals walking smack-dab in front of me.

The first gal moves out of the way. The second is in the throes of selfie-time using Tikboob (likely) and does not look up. She slows more and more in the middle of the lot (blocking me) until eventually she blesses me and grants me permission to proceed.

In all fairness, I don't think she even knew I was there. But herein lies the problem with... thought I was going to say it, didn't you??

Those Gosh Darn Young People...No Respect!

That is partially true. But as we look at what happens on planes with increasing regularity, it is much worse.

I'm referring to any manner of passenger disruption: Disagreeable flyers ("where's my bankie and headrest??!!"), violent flyers ("I deserve to punch you because you're not giving me my 10th glass of cheap Pinot Grigio!"), and just plain bat-shit crazy people ("I want out now! Where's the damn door handle??")

In both scenarios it screams...

"the, and longer apply"

Insane behavior on aircraft is obviously much worse and puts many more people at risk. People have become immune to the reality that they are actually flying in the air and one wrong move will put 'em in the drink.


The lesson: Not sure there is one...until Trixie gets bowled over by an impatient driver (thank Jesus they don't exist) or some nutbag takes a plane down (oh, wait....)

I guess there IS a lesson: Does no one give a shit anymore?

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