When you ‘get off’ the plane what’s the first thing you do?


The other day I wrote about the frustrations of young children being subjected to the outrageous torture of flying Business Class on JetBlue. Little children wailing, confused and alone (well, they might as well be alone as Mom is having a long, intense discussion with Al Chardonnay).

Well, 'Mom' (we will call her 'Trixie' to make it personal) was none too pleased with my missive and felt I was attacking all children. Trix then berated me which did turn me on just slightly. But she ended with this:

"Where do you get off telling other people what they can and can't do?"

Did I do that? *sighs with obvious concern and contriteness*

Oh, wait, I didn't. *sighs and obvious concern and contriteness disappears in an instant*

Trudy, if you bothered to read the email (instead of obviously scanning over it while you were paging through the latest copy of 'Dingbats in the Nail Salon') you'll have read that I said...

'I have no problem with that'. I have no problem that it's your right to bring little Taylor on the flight.

My issue (and I suspect at least 7 other people on planet Earth...maybe 8 have the same issue) is I don't like to hear a kid screaming, and I especially don't like to hear them do it in Business Class of an airplane...and I REALLY don't like it when I'm on the plane too!

That's what I said. And you don't have to like it. And yes, as of this writing, I have to accept it too. But get your facts straight before typing out your (inaccurate) email on your Etch A Sketch.

To answer Tina's query above: 

Where I get off is usually out the door with everyone else, I then head down the jetway, then I take a left turn right to the bar where I promptly order a shot of Grey Goose to drown out the ringing in my virgin ears from little Taytay's antics on the plane.

I don't take lame arguments too well. So I guess I have to learn to be more accepting and show more love...something I may have issues with (damn you Mom for dropping me on my head when I was 27!).

I also find it troubling that a segment of people think we're not allowed to express ourselves anymore.

Very troubling.

At least there's still booze on the plane. Wait...what?

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