When moving just isn’t an option…

Back in the early 90's I was need-deep in the world of MLM (Multi-Level...). The sponsor who brought me in to the business I was promoting at the time was this very savvy and successful business-woman who was already doing big numbers (sales) in the MLM mentioned above.

She told me about one of her previous executive-level jobs for a bank she held in the San Diego area. She lived in San Francisco and loved it...and had no intention of moving. So the bank flew her every weekday to San Diego for her work and she flew home each weekday evening.

Now that's commuting. And the power of leverage (she had some) and making sure upper management is in house.

Obviously, the need for that kind of job setup is rare these days with teleconferencing (Zoom, etc...). But it again shows you the value of having your staff 'in-house' and at work.

Of course, we are in a new frontier of the 'work-from-home' craze (sped up and enhanced by the 'pandy as well) but you're starting to see a shift back to companies wanting their employees back behind their desks.

(I also think more and more employers do not want to deal with 'manager Bob' hopping on a Zoom call from his 'desk' in Fiji.)

Where do I fall on this? I think a hybrid setup can work. Obvious advantage for the company on overhead....plus it can be a morale boost where workers don't feel they have to be in the office every day. Whatever the structure, the bottom line is you still have to produce.

Ok, so much for fantasies of Pina Coladas and spreadsheets (Blech!)...

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