How to get a private jet for free

The other day I read a story of a man who arrived at the airport for his commercial flight in Portugal only to find that no flyers were there at the gate.

He asked the staff the question starting to realize he already knew the answer:

"So was my flight cancelled?" He knew the answer was, of course, yes.

To his shock and delight the staff told him he was the only one boarding that flight. So the story goes he was treated 'like a VIP' with the usual perks afforded private flyers (comped drinks and food, a chat with the captain, a tongue - demonstration by the Dalai Lama via Facetime, etc...).

In other words, almost like flying a private jet. Imagine it: All the room and none of the riff-raff...and not even having to deal with whiny kids in Business Class.

My 'private jet' extravaganza was almost as good, except I couldn't breathe

Twice I had the opportunity to fly 'almost alone' on a commercial flight:

First time was Halloween night flying out of Ontario Airport in California to visit a friend in the Bay Area on Southwest. It was back in the 90's and I think there were 5 other passengers on the plane. It was fabulous and the SWA crew was great (we had a food flight and free booze as well).

Second time: 2020. Had to fly from DFW to Phoenix. Pandemic. Almost no one at the airport, 2 other people on the flight. And we still had to wear masks.

Ugh. Forgettable (hardly a shock).

Face diapers aside, these opportunities to have the plane all to yourself are rare. Like having your own private jet. Unless you're flush with the pesos it's not likely to happen.

What can happen is a little legwork on your part to find scrappy flight deals. Now, at the time of this writing (with summer coming), deals can be harder to come by. But they're out there. You just have to look. And speaking of deals, I got something coming out that's gonna be your secret travel weapon. And it will exclusive to my readers. That's all I can say for now, but I'll be dropping a few hints late next week while I'm in Denver for 2 days working on said weapon.

Stay tuned...

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