Three Hotel Trends that Could Shake Up Travelers’ Plans According to HotelsByDay

September 19, 2021

Three Hotel Trends

The travel and hotel industries are constantly evolving to meet customer needs, especially this year as the COVID pandemic raged on. Many hotels have had to rely on technology to help with contact-free check-ins and payments as well as upped their cleaning routines to make sure their properties and rooms are safe for guests. 

There are also three trends that have been growing steadily this year, a la carte type-pricing, third workplace options and daycation options. 

The HotelsByDay team provides insight into the trends and how they can impact the hotel industry as well as guests.

Hotel Merchandising Means Guest Customization

Traditionally, hotels are known to charge guests a nightly rate for a room which also grants them access to all or most of the amenities available on the property including the gym, pool and spa. In August, MCR Hotels, the fourth largest hotel owner-operator in the United States, announced they will be introducing an a la carte pricing model on everything from pool and gym usage to early/late check-ins and check-outs. This will hopefully allow for lower nightly rates and helps the guests only pay for amenities they will actually use during their stay.

Travelers have been seeing these types of a la carte menu travel options for a while now. The best example would be airlines, they give guests the option of paying to check their bags, purchasing an on-board meal or even priority seating. There are also websites and apps, including HotelsByDay, that allow guests to pay for what they need such as a room for only six hours instead of renting it for the whole night. The a la carte menu trend gives guests the opportunity to customize their trip and save money along the way.

The Future of Work Has No Defined Landlord

Another trend taking over the hotel industry is accommodating remote workers with workrooms that are equipped with a comfortable desk, chair as well as access to office equipment. The evolution of the workplace is often broken down into three workplace locations or stages: 1) factory setting, 2) office setting, and 3) remote locations like at home, internet cafes and libraries.

The COVID pandemic was a reminder of how adaptable an office and workplace can really be as people used hotels as a place to work and continue to do so throughout the pandemic. The rooms allow workers to have a fresh space to concentrate and feel inspired after being cooped up in the house trying to accomplish tasks with constant distractions.

Leisure is Evolving to 'Daycations'

Daycations have also been trending since the COVID pandemic has begun. When travel was restricted and many places were not open, guests were heading to neighboring cities and towns to still get their travel-fix, but with a local twist. As the vaccines are still getting distributed and COVID cases are still on the rise, many hotels have been emphasizing the benefits of taking a daycation at their properties and the amenities they can offer guests.

On top of that, travelers have become increasingly aware of the ecological impact of travel such as emissions from aircrafts and increased pollution. Instead of hopping on a plane and traveling hours away, taking multiple daycations can be a nice way to escape with less of an impact on the environment. 

Hotels have become hyper aware of the eco-friendly travel trends and are increasingly catering to local vistors versus international tourists. Hotels have also been instilling eco-friendly practices such as only washing the sheets and towels on-demand by guests as well as reducing the use of plastic products on the property.

About HotelsbyDay

HotelsByDay app can be used to quickly find a local hotel that has rooms available in blocks of three to 12+ hours to fit guests’ needs instead of having to pay for the whole day. Renting a dayroom through the app gives guests complete access to all the amenities that overnight guests receive such as access to the pool, gym and even the free continental breakfast and day rates are discounted from night rates by 50% or more. HotelsByDay has thousands of hotel options to choose from in places people need them the most—like business districts, shopping hubs, by airports and near beaches. To learn more and book a room visit:

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