Air India Taking Steps to Minimize Fog-Related Delays

December 30, 2022

Air India announced last week they have launched an initiative called "FogCare" in an effort to minimize delays and disruptions at airports where fog impacts operations.

Travelers departing from and arriving at IGI airport in New Delhi will be able to experience the new initiative for managing unforeseen circumstances such as flight delays and cancellations due to thick fog. Such weather conditions often affect air travel in northern India during the cold season and can create significant disruption for travelers. 

With the FogCare initiative, they are working to make sure that their flights aren't affected by unpredictable weather patterns and delays. The initiative focuses on tackling the common issues associated with fog – namely, delaying flights because pilots can't see the runway, and rerouting flights to avoid impacted areas. By taking these steps to minimize disruption, Air India hopes to provide a better travel experience for their passengers.

Air India is going the extra mile for passenger convenience during periods of fog. Knowing that such severe weather can have a major impact on flight schedules, the airline is proactively reaching out to customers and giving them flexible opportunities to change their plans without incurring any additional costs. Any passengers who are affected by fog will be given the option to choose not to travel to the airport and avoid the hassle of long delays and other inconveniences. 

Customers will be informed through email, calls and SMS about their impacted flights and will be given options to minimize the inconvenience caused by such disruptions. This initiative is a testament to the commitment of airlines to providing quality, hassle-free travel experience for their passengers.

Commenting on this initiative, Mr. Rajesh Dogra, Chief Customer Experience Officer and Global Head of Airport Operations, Air India said, “We are pleased to launch the FogCare initiative, a customer centric measure to ensure the best possible experience for our customers. This is one more step in our journey to becoming a world-class airline and will significantly improve the passenger experience during fog affected days.

We will strive to give our customers up to date information on whether their flight has been impacted by fog and help them make the best choice given the circumstances. By proactively tackling the issue, we will be able to maintain the overall network schedule integrity as best as possible, and offer a better experience to all passengers, particularly those on flights unaffected by fog in Delhi, who would otherwise have been subjected to the cascading effects of rolling fog delays.”

The airline has ensured adequate availability of aircraft, pilots, maintenance and cabin crew to manage fog-related exigencies effectively. To ensure a seamless experience for passengers, the cockpit crew is fully trained with the capability to operate in low visibility conditions using the CAT-III Instrument Landing System (ILS), making Air India well prepared for any disruptions caused by fog.

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