Air Travel Increased 14% Compared to Last Year According to Data

December 15, 2022

Airlines Reporting Corp. (ARC) today released data revealing that the total number of passenger trips in November 2022 saw an solid 14% increase on a year-over-year basis, totaling at 19 million trips.

This tremendous growth can be attributed to a 32% surge in international trips and a 5% hike in domestic air bookings. ARC-accredited travel agency air ticket sales totaled $6.5 billion in November, a 46% year-over-year increase.

While Year Over Year Was Up, November Bookings Were Down

In November of this year, the average round-trip air travel ticket price for domestic flights in the United States decreased for the first time since August 2022. This decrease was recorded at 3.5%, bringing the average cost of a ticket to $558, down from $578 in October. 

For travel during U.S. Thanksgiving, 64% of tickets were purchased in October or later.

Month over month, November 2022 results revealed:

  • Total sales were down 11%.
  • Total passenger trips decreased 8%.
  • U.S. domestic trips decreased 11%.
  • International trips decreased 4%.
  • “While November’s travel demand was stronger than last year, we are seeing the seasonally expected month-over-month decrease in sales and passenger trips,” said Steve Solomon, chief commercial officer at ARC. “As we head into the holidays, most U.S. travelers have plans to fly domestically, with Cancun, Mexico, as the only international destination in our top 20.”

    The top ten U.S. traveler destinations for Q4 2022 are currently:

  • New York
  • Los Angeles
  • Chicago
  • Orlando
  • San Francisco
  • Miami
  • Boston
  • Las Vegas
  • Dallas-Fort Worth
  • Atlanta
  • More detailed analysis can be found at ARC here.

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